Thursday, February 26, 2009

be a winner!

UPDATE Contest ends 2/28/2009! You have until Saturday to send me (three little) pics of your home, or an advocate spotlight, so your name can be entered to win a nice ole' method goody box! Scramble, scramble! You can do! I believe in you!

Here are the rules:

"The house that method cleans!" contest rules: Take three pics of any rooms in your home, which you clean with method products, and send them to me via email! Done! (Don't forget to include your name, just so you know, it's really helpful that way!)

and for Advocate Spotlight contest rules: go here! And again, done!

So get going! For ALL the contest details (and pics of my place) go here!


Rebecca Rodgers said...

Sharing the luv over on my blog!

The temptation to show you the multitude of houses that method cleans...sigh.

Happy Friday!

Nathan Aaron said...

I know! You definitely have to send in pics for the contest! You just have to! :-)

Netta said...

Nathan, I love those pics of your home. I need you give me some decorating pointers. I would simply ask you to come over and help me but you are too far away. I love the look and the way that it is decorated. I like that everything has a place. To be honest, it looks like one of those model homes. Love that light fixture about the dining room table.

kaoticorchid said...

The pics of your house are wonderful!

Also, I have sent in an advocate spotlight twice, but alas, I am not sure if you actually received them. :(

Rebecca Rodgers said...

@ Nathan

You will just have to imagine the ridiculously fab that is the houses that girlie cleans with method!

They are fab-they are clean-and most of them already have various method products in them.


Nathan Aaron said...


I got yours! Never fear! And thanks!

Karin said...

Nate- did you get my entry for the 'house that method cleans' contest?

Nathan Aaron said...

I did Karin! A BIG thanks! (Now if only I could get everyone else to move on this! What's the deal? It's three pics! :-) And then, prizes!

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