Thursday, February 5, 2009

adam does hsn

See that title, it's a little play on... oh, you know you get it. Yes, you do. Anyway, moving forward, never backward (unless you're backing up your car, in which case if you moved foward instead of backward, well, bad things might happen. Old ladies and small cats might get ran over, or telephone poles might get smashed into, or Dunkin Donut trucks might crash into you... Hmm, that might not be such a bad thing. Just imagine, a Dunkin Donut trailer just bursting open and raining donuts down on your car. You could reach out your hands through your busted windshield (if you were still conscious, that is) and grab some delicious Butternut donuts! Mmm!...) Wow, just, wow... where did I go?

Ok, HSN videos are BACK! And you know you lust'em! Yes, you know you do. You never tire of some HSN videos. NO, you don't! Don't back mouth me! You don't. Now, watch! In silence! With donuts! (and coffee. Can you make me some, cause donuts without coffee just aren't the same. And well, I'm sorta stuck in this car until they bring out the jaws of life, so I really can't go get some myself. Thanks. You're the best!... Am I bleeding? Oh my gosh, I think I'm bleeding! No, no, wait. It's just raspberry filling. whew. Close call.)


Rebecca Rodgers said...

What's he selling? Who cares-gimme 4 and a dozen donuts!

Happy Weekend!

Anonymous said...

He's so hot with that short haircut. Tall lanky hot boy, with a hot voice. Mmmmmm.

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