Wednesday, February 11, 2009

diy foaming action!

Did you know that method makes a refresh mint foaming hand wash?! Probably not, since I've NEVER seen it in stores! But yes, they actually do (and you can purchase it on their method home site.)

But hey, why not get a little creative! (After all, what do you have to do this weekend? Ah, another Saturday full of chunky monkey ice cream tubs and sappy chick flicks, is it? I know, I know. Well, not this week, yo!) How about this weekend, you take a little time to make your own method foaming hand wash!

Our beloved Sarah Stich sent along this amazing, and awesome tip, via methodtweet! And just in case you might have missed it:

"Hi, it's sarah from method. Good news! The hand wash gel can be turned into foaming hand wash. Use 2 parts gel and one part water! Voila, foaming!"

Who knew it was that easy!? So next time you're having trouble finding your favorite foaming hand wash (lavender, refresh mint, etc.) don't despair, make it yourself! Just use your empty foaming hand wash bottle (as I'm sure you'll need that particular bottle, since it seems to be made a certain way, with that tiny little ball inside it, and all that weird pump-ery.) and mix away!

Let me know if you do this, and how it works! method class, over! (Thanks, Sarah!)

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