Tuesday, February 10, 2009

clean sweeps

+ Sniff. Sniff. Ok, so I got a prized bottle of the new multi-surface ginger yuzu cleaning spray recently (Yay!); and decided to hold off on using it until this spring/summer, as it's just such a summery, pineappley (to me, anyway!) scent! I do crazy things like this, that's why people think I'm well, weird. Cause, I am. But, I also decided this weekend to whip the bottle out and clean the bathroom with it, to get a chance to try it out! So I cleaned the bathroom all bright and shiny; carried a few (I ALWAYS end up carrying too many things at once, you'd think I'd learn, no?) of my cleaning items back into the kitchen, where I store them, and SLIP, I dropped my ginger yuzu bottle! Oh well, I've dropped my method bottles many a time, right? It'll just bounce and wait for me to pick it up, gently caress it, tell it I'm so very sorry, give it a little kiss on the nozzle, and off to la-la land it goes under the counter (I know, I know! method, under the counter! But I can't show off ALL my method, or I wouldn't have room for anything else, you know?! Oh, wait, that's not what you're making that face about? It's about the caressing and kissing, and... I already told you, I'm weird, ok?!)

But it fell to the floor, and SNAP! the entire head of the bottle, as in entire, cracked right off, and precious ginger yuzu cleaner went spilling all over the floor! NO! I picked it up as quickly as I could, but still had a lot of the spray cleaner puddled all over the floor. I ended up mopping it up, and cleaning the kitchen floor, so it smelled all ginger yuzu/pineappley! But I was so sad for my bottle. Right now the remains are living in an old lavender bottle. But it's just not the same, you know? The entire top cracked off, where the spray nozzle connects with the bottle (I guess the neck?) Has this ever happened to you? I'm curious!

+ For those lucky few that might still find a few method candles in the ceramic jars at their local Big Lots (like me! They still have a few left. I picked up four more fig candles this weekend! Yes! Oh figgy figgy goodness!) It seems like while the price on the jar still says $4.00, it actually rings up at $3.50 now! (Since they've had them for like, ever! I guess they knocked a few off.) So hey, not a bad savings! Pick'em up, while you still can! (PS - We have yet to get any of the dish cubes. Sigh. Man, what I wouldn't give for some lavender dish cubes! Ah well, I guess it isn't meant to be.)

Oh, and speaking of method ceramic jar candles, right now they're all 30% off on their method home site! The sale goes until the end of February!

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Jamison Combs said...

We have dish cubes at our Big Lots here in Columbia. I can mail you some if you want. Want to make a deal?! Method Marketplace? Seriously.

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