Wednesday, February 4, 2009

sneak peek - special edition aircare!

Check it out! (Hey, how many posts do I begin with those words! Go on, count'em for me... I'll wait! No no, don't. You'd be dead before you reached the end, cause it's like a zillion! I need some new material here, people! I wonder if they have a blog for bloggers that need starting blog sentences? Don't laugh, I bet it exists. Everything exists nowadays, don't ya' know! Let's start again, then...)

Hey'YOW'za! (Like that, I worked hard on it! I did, I did.) What do we have here? Well, nothing more than a big ole' fat method lust sneak peek! It looks like Beach Sage is making a return visit to the special edition spring line this year! AND it's bringing some aroma spray with it this time! It smells just like your tried and true Beach Sage, so get ready! And yes, it's so sneaky peeky, method doesn't even have photography for the product yet, so yours truly had to take the pics! Which... is why they suck. Like, a lot! But whatever, Beach Sage is back, for you Beach Sage fans! (Well, it'll be back with the spring aircare line, which I'm not totally sure when that will hit stores, but I'm gonna put a guess near March! So uhm, hold onto your pants for just a bit longer, ok?) More news as I get it! Enjoy!


Sprockets said...

Hooray, I love beech sage!

But did anyone have problems with the beech sage aroma rings? They just did not produce much scent for me, the oil appears to not be volatile enough (i.e. doesn't evaporate). I have one sitting in my car that has been there since the summer, and is still 3/4 full of liquid. And this is after being stuck in a hot car all the time in the summer. Other rings dry up VERY quickly when put in my car.

Not sure if I just got a bad batch or if this was a problem with the first round of beech sage rings, I hope they've fixed it for round two!

Karin said...

Wait, how do you already have the air spray?

Nathan Aaron said...

Ancient Chinese Secret, Karin, Ancient Chinese Secret! :-) HEY, I run method lust! I got me some connections, yo!

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