Thursday, February 19, 2009

flame on

Quick question for you all! Flameless (waxless) candles. - What are your thoughts? You know the ones, made from plastic, some plug in, some don't. Some "fake" flicker, some don't. Some use aroma scents/plug-ins, some use scented plastic (which is just a TAD too weird for me.) A waste of plastic? An easy way to have candles without the fear of fire? An environmental disaster in the making (as their popularity seems to be growing.) What do you think?

My thoughts? I love the old fashioned candles. You know, wax + wick = fire. But then, I light candles to keep my house (or well, living room, warm. No joke. My house is like, freezing, all the time!) Give us your thoughts on flameless candles!


Rhonda said...

I have one flameless candle from Target that has a TIMER!- I hung one of those fancy star candle holders from the ceiling like a lamp in the foyer- its perfect - Its been running for a year on the batteries.
I too, use candles for warmth around the house and a nice scent -having dogs that smell "dog-like"- I really need the help.

Nathan Aaron said...

Rhonda, the timer thing is awesome! Gah, you might make me a flameless candle liker after all. Hmm... one couldn't hurt anything, could it? And if it came on each night... oh, ideas.

Ether said...

I have timer and non timer ones- the timer ones are awesome! Mine are wax though, not plastic, and I love that about them.

Megan Cathey said...

Hmm...I'm just not a fan of the plastic candles. There is something wonderful in the glow and flicker of a real candle. Nothing like it!

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