Wednesday, February 4, 2009

clean sweeps!

+ As a couple lust readers have mentioned, method is currently on sale at Target! And this time around it's like, a whole slew of stuff! From hand wash, cleaning sprays and wipes at 3 for $8.; to the aircare line (including $6.99 candles, and $2.99 aroma sprays, and on and on!) Check it all out, and stock up!

+ I got actual, honest to goodness, up front knowledge that Target does indeed give it's left over clearance items to Goodwill to sell! I was returning a pair of shoes the other day, and mentioned I needed a different size. (Which I'd already purchased, but the cashier didn't know.) And she said "well, they're already zeroed out of the system." Which I hate, cause they do that so quickly, like with holiday! Do you know there is a winterberry AND a toasted hazelnut candle sitting in the regular method candle section, still! And every time I see them, I want to buy them, but the toasted hazelnut has lost it's paper wrapper; and the winterberry still has a price of $6.98. AND since they went down to $3.98, but are zeroed out of the system, well, it'd be a miracle to get those candles. At least that's my thought. Alas, whew, off track...

And I said "Yes, you do zero out stuff quickly here!" reusing her "terms" so I sounded über smart, don't you know! Ok, well, not really, but whatev' ok? and she said yes, they did. But it was at least good, because Target always sends a huge chunk of the clearance stuff to Goodwill! Which we'd figured, but weren't sure just how it made it there! So now we know! Next time you're hunting some leftover holiday method item, check Goodwill, and you just might find it! (BUT, unfortunately, after my winterberry aroma ring find at my local Goodwill, I've found nothing else. Anyone out there found anything from the holiday line at their Goodwill? Let us know!)

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Anonymous said...

The Target items are not given to Goodwill; they are sold to them. True. (I work for one - I know)

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