Tuesday, February 10, 2009

the best form of flattery?

Hmm... Over on The Dieline, a great site that showcases product packaging, they've done a post on a new line of personal care products called Patently Obvious.

"Patently Obvious is KMI's new range of personal cleaning products combines a natural antibacterial action with a biodegradable formulation that actually works giving performance without compromise. Will King wanted packaging that was distinctive and unique so custom bottles (ironically styled on classic 'chemistry' bottles) were designed in-house... The bottles are made here in the UK using 100% post consumer recycled plastics."

You can head on over to The Dieline to read a little more, and see another pic of the products.

The interesting part? Many of the comments have mentioned JUST how similar it is to our favorite method brand (from packaging shape, to "neon" colors, etc.):

"Method much? But with cluttered graphics."

"when i first glanced at it, i thought it was more method packaging."

"yeah, this is method. but not as nice."

"Oh come on everyone... i also thought it was more Method packaging when I first saw it and then realized it was just someone knocking off the original. From the packaging itself to the way it's shot all together, there is simply no confusion."

And even method's very own Josh Handy gets into the conversation. You can check it all out for yourself!

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