Friday, March 13, 2009

burnin' bright!

UPDATE Thanks to everyone who's sent in pics of the new candle stickers/paper wrap! (Especially Brit and Jamison!) I've, of course, gone crazy and purchased up a lavender + lemongrass candle to give a try (I'll give you my new burning review when I've had enough time to try it out!) It's burnin' as I type this! Until then, here are some crisp pics of the updated package! Let me know if you give them a try, and how the new wax burns for you!


OK all you lusters! News, news! New method candles (same glass jar, new wax formula!) The paper wrap says: "Burns Long, Burns Evenly" as well as "Breathe Easy". And there's even a side sticker that says: "New Wax Formula, Now Burns Even Better"! Yes! I knew it! I just hope they make it to stores BEFORE the big Target $4.99 sale is over on March 30th; because so far Brit seems to be the only one lucky enough to have found these! They've made it to Target stores, and I'm so curious to give them a try and see how they work!

I guess method received many more complaints than they let on about the bad burning of the soy candle wax. But I'm really excited to see they've made some changes, and I so hope they burn just as great as previous versions! Cause I lust me some method candles, can I tell you! (And thank you method green chef Ryan Williams, for new and improved! Yay!)


On other news: You might wanna go check out your local Big Lots one more time! Because I headed over to a couple near my home tonight, only a mere week after an earlier trip (don't ask, I know. I need help.) and they've gotten some NEW stuff in! Some of the items people have mentioned having popped up at their local stores, but not mine. And some I haven't heard anyone finding yet. They now have, get this people, the ENTIRE wet dryer sheet line. - Except... lavender + juniper. My favorite. WHAT is method trying to do to me? I mean, really? I don't even get it. They have them ALL! Water aloe + lily, go naked, sweet water, and nectarine blossom. Lots of them. But not ONE tiny box of lavender + juniper. The one scent I freak over! WHAT in the world? I've also found the holiday candles (hollyberry, cinnamon bark, and peppermint vanilla) now showing up at multiple Big Lots stores; as well as gingerbread + spice aroma pill refills, and water aloe + lily laundry detergent! So I'd do a second run!

IF ANYONE finds some lavender + juniper wet dryer sheets, PLEASE I'll do a trade or heck, I'll just pay you to buy and ship me some, if you'd be so kind! Thanks!


And finally, I just had to pass this one on, I got an email from reader Jamison tonight, and I'm sure he won't mind me sharing this bit, cause it's very true (and just happened to me, as well!) He says: "OMG! So normally I go with the Go Naked wipes, simply because I like the scandalous name and people ask about them when they see them in my "Method Basket" on my counter. So I was at Target the other day and sadly, they were out of the Go Naked wipes. I thought I would go out on a limb, take a huge chance and try the Lavender wipes instead. They've sat in waiting for me under the sink, until today, when I ran out of my Go Naked wipes. Of course, they clean just like my old faithful Go Naked wipes, but wow, they smell AMAZING! I am in love with this scent. Absolutely love it. So, the moral of this rave: Be daring. Try new scents!"

Jamison, you're so right! In fact, the candle sale at Target got me to FINALLY pick up a vanilla apple candle and give it a try. I've smelled the scent on and off FOREVER, but never bought it. And I took a chance, and you know what, I really like it! I was rather surprised! So I think this is a great idea! If there is a method scent out there you simply haven't given a try, go on and do it! You might be amazed! Thanks Jamison for sharing!

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HorizontalStripes said...

I would say that you've created a monster out of me, but I think you've just encouraged me to embrace my lust! I adore this blog.
In January, I ordered my mom all sorts of method sets off She was happy to receive packages, but every time I've talked to her since then, she has mentioned how much she loves (er, lusts) method products.
I went to my local Big Lots today and stocked up on ginger yuzu handwash ($2 bottles, no refill bags), cut grass plug-in + refill pack, and fig plug-in refill. That was all the method they had, and I bought a few of each! I live at the end of the earth in Marquette, MI, and this is the first time I've seen method at our Big Lots. I called mom to tell her of my method bargains, and she was a little jealous. It might be time to send another package ;)
There is also a pretty complete method line at my local Lowe's; it's actually the only place I've been able to find the new wet dryer sheets.

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