Tuesday, March 3, 2009

what next?

I did this many months ago (and a FEW of you responded. But since the rest of you are just slackers! I thought I'd give it another go-around! Oh, ok, I'll play nice, I promise! No, no! Of course I don't have my fingers crossed behind me back. Why, ahem, I mean, why would I do that? No, never. Nah. Not me. Uh-uh.) So, method, yes THAT method, wants your help!

Really, my help? You say! Yes, yes they do! They have a question for you! And they're serious! (And if you don't think they read ole' method lust, OH, but you'd be so very, very, with a cherry wrong! Trust me!) Their question comes from their Facebook page:

"what's the next product method should make? - We get new requests every day and many of them inspire what products we decide to launch next. What product would YOU most like to see method make?"

Now, I KNOW you've got lots of dream method products you'd LUST to see made! So go on, share! Comment away here on method lust! And know, without a doubt, method will read them! (And you never know, the very next method product you see pop up on shelves might just be one you inspired them to make! So don't be shy!)

Here are some suggestions that have been mentioned so far:

+ Car cleaning products
+ Fabric spray
+ Dishwasher rinse aid
+ Cleaning concentrate (just add water!)
+ Linen water
+ Carpet cleaner/powder
+ Le Scrub for the kitchen (appropriately scented)
+ Car air fresheners
+ Environmentally friendly sponges/paper towels
+ Personal fragrance body spray
+ New omop and multisurface spray scents
+ Hand moisturizing lotions/cream with a pump
+ Deodorant (and additional body line products)
+ Environmentally friendly dry cleaner (like Dryel)

+ Your turn! Comment away!


Nathan Aaron said...

I would LUST some new scents in the omop floor cleaner and multisurface spray cleaner lines! I realize method can't waltz out with a zillion scents like Big Brands, due to finances; but (while I'm not really wanting any of the current line scents to head off to scent Heaven...) I think the multisurface sprays really need a scent shakeup. They've had the same four for like, ever! I know ginger yuzu just debuted, but it's a Wholefoods only exclusive, so... And I was just thinking as I mopped my floor last night I wish they made something other than lemon ginger. What about a fig floor cleaner? OH MY WORD. I know that'd never happen. But hey, what about lavender? They had it in the old floor line. Mmm... (but Fig would be the END all! Well, I'm biased...) :-)

Anonymous said...

definitely the CAR PRODUCTS and CARPET CLEANERS (the kind you powder and vacuum up)! CLEANERS FOR PET RELATED ACCIDENTS ON THE FLOOR/CARPET!! along with upholstery cleaners for couches, etc.
i would agree with the new scents for floor cleaner! LEMON GINGER SMELLS LIKE DISH SOAP! sorry, i love my method, but i am disappointed with the scent because it is too strong and makes my kitchen smell like a huge bottle of dawn dish soap. :( i would love a mint scent (like for their bathroom products cos that would be awesome on the bathroom floor) along with a mint multi-surface cleanser.
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE SUPER SOFT REFRESH MINT LOTION!! LIKE "NIVEA SOFT" (which is an AWESOME lotion!) id love that scent that would be super soft on the skin!
ahhhh...i cant wait for more products!!!

Christine said...

AAHHHHH!!!! I was just thinking about this in the shower this morning. I would love to see Method face and body care products. Dr. Broners has both so why not Method??? I would love me some lavender face wash!!

Sprockets said...

Suncreen. I find the generic brands to be gross on my face and skin, and the better brands are just too expensive.

Carpet cleaner and fabric freshener seem like really great markets for method to tap into, since almost all of the available options are totally gross. Febreeze's scents are disgusting.

Car air care would be great. The aroma rings could easily be adapted so that they fit over your car's air vents?

Face wash, shampoo, conditioner would all be great, but perhaps a tough market for method to leave its mark.

A body lotion that you put on in the shower would be super handy, Colorado is so damn dry!

Similar story with Deodorant, lots of room for improvement there. Many have aluminum compounds in them, which are toxic. Toms of Maine is good, but not amazing.

Anonymous said...

Powdered carpet sprinkler stuff would change my perspective on method...in a bad way.
It isn't green, it doesn't clean and the dust from the carpet sprinkles actually damages your vacuum.
Seriously-I would stop using their products and recommend others not to use them.

Products I'd like to see from method: all in one body, bubble, hair wash. 3 uses-one product! That would rock it!

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