Friday, March 13, 2009

things that make you go hmm...

UPDATE Haven't heard of anything official from method yet, but let's just keep speculating! reader Brit left a comment recently that got my mind to wondering:

"I was at a local Target last night... The sale candles that were there all said 'New wax formula, better burning' or something like that on the label."

SO, of course I went to two Targets to check this out, and what do you know, the current candle line does not say this anywhere on their packaging! SO, I'm beginning to think they're changing the wax formula, and these new candles will be hitting Targets very soon! Why soon? Because, this $4.99 candle sale goes until March 30th! Crazy! Why is it crazy, because right now, they barely have any candles. I've been to two stores, and there are like, four candles at each store.

SO, I'm thinking they're going to be getting a new shipment in soon, of the new wax formula! Otherwise, this sale blows, cause they have no stock (which is the grocery store sale mentality! Boo! (Buy one, get two free! And they never have anything in stock until the sale ends.) Time will tell, and again, I'll let you know as soon as I find out anything more. And Brit, if you can take a pic of this new packaging, if you bought one, send it my way! Thanks!


Come on, you can admit it! Who gets that title reference? Huh, huh? We are children of the 80's! Ok! Flaunt it, baby!

But the title is rather literal tonight, as well! Because I started going "Hmm!" after I stopped screaming at my local Target this evening! Why, you ask? (Go on, ask. I'll wait... I'm waiting. Thank you!) Well, I rounded the corner to the Holy scent Grail, otherwise known as the wall o' method aroma care! And right there, in big huge letters on a sales card was "method candles $4.99!" WHA?! WHO?! HOW?! Have you EVER! No you haven't, trust me! $4.99 for all method candles! On sale, not a clearance! So run, run, run to your nearest Target already! In fact, mine was all cleaned out, except for lavender + lemongrass (snatched one!) and the discontinued pomegranate + tea, which, and how ironic is this; was $5.88. Ha ha! Cause it's clearanced, it wasn't on "sale." Odd!

BUT, this got me to thinking... and going Hmm... I've noticed, the pomegranate + tea and citrus cilantro candles were clearanced at some of the Target stores a while back (some have YET to hit the clearance.) BUT the remainder of those scent lines, still full price. And the candles in many of my Targets are not being replenished. Now, my first thought was "the new spring line is coming soon (I'm betting this month!) including Beach Sage... so perhaps they're just waiting for a big shipment." But now Target is putting ALL method's candles on a $4.99 (unheard of!) sale?

Here's MY guess (and it's just a guess, if I get more info. of COURSE you'll be the first to hear it!) My guess is, method is finally (hallelujah. Sorry Ryan!) redesigning the candles (since as you can see from our current poll on the right sidebar, is way winning in the "burn horrible" category) and Target is trying to move them all before the new design comes in! AGAIN, take that with a grain of salt, I'm seriously guessing here! But time shall tell!

Meanwhile, why are you still reading this? $4.99 candles at Target! Go! Get going! Get out of here! Move! And can you get me a slushy at the cafe, they're really tasty! Ok, well, I had to try. Anyway, go, get, candles!


Anonymous said...

Oh dear God I hope you're right on this one Nathan. Or could it be that Target will no longer carry the candles?! (Yup, I said it.) Time will tell.

Brit said...

I was at a local Target last night. The candles that are on clearnce at about $7. The sale candles that were there all said 'New wax formula, better burning' or something like that on the label. There was also a Vanilla Apple scent I never saw that new?

Nathan Aaron said...

Brit. Have you been down the method candle aisle lately? LOL Vanilla Apple has been around forever! It's one of their four, well three (used to be four) main aroma scents.

The new wax thing is (I'm sure) from the latest version of their candle line, the one's in the glass jars (that don't burn very well.) They improved (?) the soy wax in these new versions. THOUGH I could be wrong about this... anyone else have insight as to the candles they currently burn having said "new wax formula, better burning"?

And I can't believe $7. is a clearance price?!? From $7.99 to $7! What a deal!

Anonymous said...

My local Big Lots has scads of candles-at the low low price of 3.50 each.


Nathan Aaron said...

Rebecca, what scents! I'm curious! So far we've found cinnamon bark, hollyberry, peppermint vanilla, sweet water and fresh lychee.

Anonymous said...

Any word from Method yet Nathan?

Brit said...

I'm going back to Target tomorrow, so I'll take a pic then.

Anonymous said...

Two words: Rain check.

If they are out, Target will give you a rain check for them so it will be good for a few weeks.

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