Thursday, March 12, 2009

method in a minute

Wow! Ok, while digging around Tom Fishburne's site (see the post below as well), I came upon this GREAT "method in a minute" (well, that's what I'm calling it! Cause it sorta is, method, in a minute!) video! It gives you a lot of insight into method! (Click on the lower right 'full screen' button to get the best view! Then click pause, and scroll through the images one at a time. That'll give you the best chance of taking it all in at your leisure!)

AND, and, I so did not know this until I just watched it this very minute, but method lust is in it! NO way! YES way! Yay! Now you, you, yes you... click play!


Karin said...

and HOLY CRAP my picture is in there too! LOL! they snapshot methodlust when I was the advocate spotlight...haha...this is cracking me up!

Nathan Aaron said...

I noticed that as well! I thought you'd enjoy that!

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