Tuesday, March 10, 2009

method lust market

UPDATE Had a problem with the Paypal donate button, but it should be shiny new and working right, now! Thanks!


Ok, readers! People are screaming, yelling, crying, begging, and well, just peeing their pants (and really, didn't we learn that wasn't a good thing to do when we were three? Come on people, work with me!) over the discovery of peppermint vanilla aroma pills at Big Lots! So, never let it be said that your favorite blog site (ahem, that would be method lust, ok?) doesn't help you out! SO, here's the dish...

I would LUST just buying up all those peppermint vanilla pills and spreading them out to the masses via a big Mardi Gras parade float! But, have I mentioned before that ole' Nate is poor! Poor, poor, always and (hopefully not forever) poor! BUT there is something I can for you! I can be the middle man! (And not in the "I get 50% of the cut" middle man kind of guy, either! Yay!)

Here's how it goes. There are like a zillion packages of peppermint vanilla aroma pill refills (two packs, so for each $4.00 pack, you get two refills) at my three Big Lots. If you would like for me to pick some up for you, all you need to do is donate to method lust!

No wait! It's not a tit for tat thing! What I mean is, you see that donate button on the right sidebar? Ok, it's for donating to ole' method lust! BUT, it doesn't get used much. Ha ha! So, let's dust it off, and use it for a whole 'nother purpose!

(I'm gonna try to make this as easy as possible.) You decide how many peppermint vanilla aroma pill refill packs (2 in each pack) you want at $4.40 each (tax included in that total.) Then add $2.00 for shipping supplies (I'll have to buy a box, definitely use some packing material, and tape it all up.) total it all up, and then click on that donate button, AND list it (you can add a message to the donation) as your peppermint vanilla aroma pill purchase, letting me know how many you're buying, and your mailing and email address. Easy so far, right?

I'll pack it all up, take it to the post office, have it weighed, and THEN get the shipping charge to you. Which you can then also pay via the Donate/Paypal button. I wish I had an easier way to do this part, but I don't really want to charge a flat fee, as someone might buy ten boxes, while someone else might buy two. And really, it's a snap to pay via Paypal!


So, what do you think? I'm just tryin' to help all you peppermint vanilla lusters out there, and thought this might be a great idea! I was thinking also, recently, how the method market isn't really cutting it. (sniff sniff) but wondered if this might be a better way for the market to go. What if everyone put in their finds at local stores (especially Big Lots, etc. for discontinued product), and people could purchase them through other readers via Paypal, etc. and the method market? It's a thought! Let me know if you like the idea!


Rebecca said...

Hey Nathan!
I'd love some - tried to use the paypal donate link and it just takes me to plain old paypal, doesn't tie in to your blog. What's the email address to use to send you $$?

Nathan Aaron said...

Hey Rebecca!

What happened to my donations button?! Give it another try, I think I've fixed it! Sorry about that...

Rebecca said...

OK! It works now! So I just sent you $$. But I forgot to mention that I wanted 2 (although, I'm sure you can figure it out from the total... anyway...) let me know what the shipping is and I'll click again!
: )

Tracy said...

Bless you Nathan - I think I was in the pee your pants catagory for the peppermint vanilla pill refills
realy was contemplating a road trip........

David & Amy Bunge said...

Not really related to the exact content of your post, but I wasn't sure where else to leave this comment. I was excited to discover that the new Lowe's grocery store in Wake Forest carries the Method line. It's not extensive, but they have some items that Target doesn't seem to carry. They had the dryer sheets, soap bottle refills, and the Method baby/kid line. These were just the items I noticed that I haven't seen at Target. Many of these products I didn't even know Method carried until reading your posts on the great deals at Big Lots since I thought only Target carried Method.

Ej said...

Will you ship to Canada (I love love love peppermint vanilla) My sister and I have been known to shriek(like little school girls) on the discovery of aroma rings in pv (esp because they were on clearance)

Ever wonder why we get screwed up here(and I know that was a burning question in your mind - lol)?? We only have one supplier for my entire province - therefore if that supplier doesn't bring it in, those north of the border are left without :(

Nathan Aaron said...

Ej, well that sucks! Hey, if you're willing to pay for the shipping, I'm willing to send! :-) Just send me your order via paypal, and then I'll box it all up and get a shipment price for you.

Ej said...

Done like dinner!! Thanks :) Totally excited - yes I am sure you can hear the shrieking all the way over there!

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