Monday, March 9, 2009


So while checking out the last Big Lots in my local area (or the last one I can find, darn it! I'll find you, if you're hiding!) I stumbled upon, oh my word, cinnamon bark, hollyberry, and peppermint vanilla candles! Yes! I was so surprised! (And I did forget to mention something else reader Brit had also found, which was a package set in either cucumber, or lavender (though I've only found the cucumber ones) of dish soap, hand wash, wipes, and multisurface spray cleaner. They used to have these as "college kits" at Target! They come in a wire basket, as well! AND, I found gingerbread + spice candles, too! In the new glass jars, and the old school ceramic ones.) ANYWAY, I got SO excited at my newest method find (me likey some candles!) that I suddenly came to a sobering notion:

"If method products were a movie star, I'd have a restraining order against me."

Yes, yes, it's seriously true. How about you?


kirby said...

I found the "college kit" in lavender at my Big Lots (located like, a block from my house, it's bad news for my bank account), and zillions of candles. I found Lavender Lemongrass in the ceramic container--my favorite candle! And we had tons of Go Naked dryer sheets (I work in a scent-free environment, this is an awesome score for me)! I've been missing wet dry sheets! I also picked up a bottle of Sweet Water hand wash (I'd never actually tried anything in that scent) and I think it smells a little too hospital-y for me (which is the last thing I want to smell when I come home from working a long shift at the hospital).

Sidenote: I hate when you go in the store anticipating to buy only one item so you don't pick up a basket or a cart, and then you hit the method motherload and it's a mad dash back to the checkout with your arms piled full of treasures. I was running late, having a fashion crisis, and needed an iron STAT and knew that BL carried Rowenta irons (which rock) and then like, an hour later I came out with an iron...and like, an entire store full of Method.

Also, I found aroma ring refills at Albertsons the other day for a buck! Lavender Lemongrass, Vanilla Apple, and Sweet Water.

HorizontalStripes said...

Those college kits are from 2004 or 2005 (I was still in the dorms then and bought one of each), but the products are still effective. It's not as shameful as it sounds*, but I still have some of that original bottle of lavender multisurface spray, and it works just as well as it first did.

*I have multiple bottles in different scents opened, and I clean with what smells best to me that day :) Ah, method!

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