Thursday, March 12, 2009

tom fishburne: back to school

Alright. Here's a very interesting video (I say that all the time, don't I? But hey, if it wasn't interesting, do you think I'd put it here on method lust?! Do you? Well, ok, I probably would. BUT, let's just go with the "he's telling the truth, it's interesting!" and be done with it, ok? If you happen to become uninterested, there's always that pause button!) coming from Tom Fishburne's site (who is currently senior marketing director of method, UK!) Now, I'm not the smartest fish on the planet, so I'll be upfront and let you know, some of what he's talking about... whoosh, over my head! BUT, if you take a moment to view this video, it gets really interesting in just how stores like Target (and Tesco for the UK folks) work! With brands you buy every day. It's rather eye-opening! So give it a gander! Here's his intro. from his site, Tom Fishburne Brand Camp cartoonist:

"Last summer, London Business School created a teaching case on our experience launching the method brand in the UK, as part of their entrepreneurship curriculum. It was great fun and culminated in my joining a class to hear 80 students debate all of our decisions.

I then went to the front of the class for a good grilling. I just got a copy of the video and here's a short snippet. It gives a little color to life in an entrepreneurial brand and some opinions on marketing in general."

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