Thursday, March 12, 2009

new dish?

Might we be getting a new dish bottle? Sounds like a maybe from method's latest methodtweet (their twitter!):

An advocate twittered: "Any shot a redesign for the dish soap package is in the works? Love the product, hate the package. Gets so messy & hard to use."

"Once 1/2 empty the dried soap hardened at the top prevents soap from coming out. Also hard to squeeze as plastic crunches then."

to which method responded: "Hey, it's sarah from method. We totally feel you! and are working on changes as I type!"


My only surprise is, method had apparently reworked the dish soap formula to solve this problem within the last couple of months, and had let us know (again via methodtweet, which you can regularly read on the right sidebar here on method lust!) that the new formula should already be in stores! But I guess now they've decided to try out a new bottle! Personally I've grown to really like the current bottle. At first it wasn't my fav, but I like it a lot now! I do wish the plastic was just a touch thicker, as it ends up getting dings and dents in it from squeezing (which is SO anal of me, I know! But I'm such a perfectionist, it's crazy! Ok, ok, I'll work on that one in therapy.)


Anonymous said...

Who *are* these people? I've never had any trouble with my dish soap ottle and have never had problems with it drying and crusting.

Arturo Bandini said...

It's true, the soap gums up the dispenser hole after awhile. But hey, that's what fingernails are for. Hope they don't get rid of the thumb grip, which should be implemented in their spray bottles as well. Those are so bottom-heavy, they're easy to drop ...and then the nozzle tends to snap off.

Nathan Aaron said...

Yes, Arturo! I'm glad I'm not the only one with the snap off nozzle problem! I mentioned this a bit back on the blog, but no one responded. I was shocked when the entire plastic neck, and nozzle cracked right off when I dropped it! (Plus, those square corners tend to get dented in if you drop, or bump them. Which is just me being anal, AGAIN. LOL)

And you're all right, how hard is it to just clean off the top of the dish soap bottle when it gunks up. Sometimes I read what people write, and I'm like "HOW lazy are you?" :-)

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