Sunday, March 8, 2009

new (old) finds!

Well, well! Check out my latest finds on today's road trip to Big Lots! I wasn't really expecting anything to pop up (other than the old packaging wipes reader Jamison had mentioned earlier last week.) But there was a slew of new stuff!

I picked up some method free + clear laundry detergent (they've had the sweet water for a while now, but I'm so excited they got the free + clear!) $3.00 people! Crazy! And I snatched up a refill bag of ginger yuzu hand wash (can you believe this is my FIRST ever bag hand wash refill purchase?! I know, I know... well, wait, I did purchase some of the hard bottle refills a zillion years ago, so does that count? Eh. Who knows!) $2.50 (for about three bottles worth of hand wash refill!) And they had, oh my I squealed like a pig (but in a good way!) when I saw them, nectarine blossom wet dryer sheets! OH YES! I grabbed up some of those, as well! $2.50! I also decided to buy up the last remaining fig candles they had sitting around, since those suckers are about gone (they've been at my Big Lots forever, and I'll buy a couple at a time, but I'm not rich, so I couldn't just pick up every last one. But there were a few remaining today, and I knew that was going to be it for my fig lust, so I caved!)

BUT, they have a ton more stuff I didn't get. Sweet water hand wash bottles ($2.00), peppermint vanilla plug-in double pack refills ($4.00), hollyberry aroma sticks ($6.00), hollyberry aroma rings ($4.00), beach sage plug-in refills ($2.50), cut grass plug-in + refill pack ($4.00), steel for real wipes ($2.50), and pink grapefruit wipes (and Jamison said his has wood for good, and granite wipes. I didn't see them at the three (yes, YES, three! LOL) stores I went to. They ALL had exactly the same thing.) And they had a ZILLION peppermint vanilla plug-in refills. I mean, a ZILLION.

One day I'm gonna have to sit down with those method folks and get the lowdown on how this stuff gets divided out? I'm just really curious. I was DYING to find some lavender + lemongrass wet dryer sheets, but NO one had anything but about five boxes at each store of the nectarine blossom. What's up with that? Cause the whole line was discontinued. OH, my lavender + lemongrass dryer sheets, I LUST you so! And I'm down to my last box. Sniff. I guess it'll just be nectarine blossom from here on out. AND, why a zillion peppermint vanilla refills, but no hollyberry or cinnamon bark ones? (Cause these were from that year's line.) Isn't that odd?

Let me know if you find anything different at your local Big Lots! And happy hunting!


PS - LOL, and method luster Brit just posted this in the comments (I hadn't noticed! She beat me to it!) "I just got a nice Method find at a Big Lots is Mass. Everything from soap, laundry detergent, dryer sheets, dish soap, candles, aroma pills, wipes and stuff like that. Does Method make, or use to make, Nectarine Blossom laundry soap? I found the dryer sheets, now I want the soap lol."

Cool! What scent dish soap and candles did you find? The old ceramic candles? I'm curious! We didn't get any new candles in at my store, as the two I picked up have been there forever. And sadly, no, method never made nectarine blossom laundry soap. Just dryer sheets! But don't they rock! Mmm...


melanemac said...

Sniff, sniff, sniff...I'm sitting here crying, crying, crying. I soooo want those peppermint vanilla refills!!!! I absolutely lust the peppermint vanilla and we have none of it down here (although I am sending hubby tomorrow just in case). I wonder how much it would cost to have you ship me a case?

Brit said...

They had sweet water and cinnoman bark ceramic candles. the dish soap they has was in a kit with hand soap, spray and wipes, it came in lavendar and cucumber...$9 going tomorrow to snach them up.

Rebecca Rodgers said...

Mine didn't have too much by way of new stuff. Hollyberry aroma rings were there. I picked up a plug in cut grass (new) and a refill pill in lychee (been there forever).

I'd love to get my hands on some peppermint vanilla also. ;)

Karin said...

I think this is the one and only time I would wish for a Big Lots in Northern VA...except that I can't spend money right now...dang scratch that, it is good that I am not able to go to a Big Lots. Temptation averted...phew.

Rhonda said...

Our Big lots also had the 9$ kits- tons of them. Hollyberry aroma sticks, Lychee ceramic candles and that was about it. Gonna try another Big Lots-wish I could find some "free and clear" wash.

Tracy said...

Atlanta here
keep eyes peeled everyone - I miss this so much

I found this weekend:
Free & Clear detergent
Ginger Yuzu handwash refill
Lavender wipes
Daily Granite wipes
Good for Wood wipes

we have had:
Lavender spray with the 2 bottles and the huge refill
Sweet Water detergent
Ceramic candles in Fresh Lychee, Fig & Sweet Water

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