Thursday, March 19, 2009

new candle wax reviews

Hey guys, I'm setting this post up for anyone to leave comments concerning method's new candle wax formula that's just hit the stores! I'm curious to see how it's burning, and what you think! So as you get a chance to give these new candles a try, leave comments for your fellow lusters!


Also, I've discovered through our latest polls that there are a lot of you out there that have yet to try method's candles! What gives? I'm curious why you haven't picked them up yet! Let me know! Worried candles will burn your house down, just "don't do candles", not a fan of the scents? Leave us your comments! Thanks!


Karin said...

well, why would i buy candles that were getting negative reviews? i definitely didn't want to buy them after everyone was complaining about them not burning i thought i'd wait until they were improved. but now that they have been improved, i am not that big of a fan of the current scents. and i still have a little fig and beach sage left from the old line...i'm savoring the last bit of those.

Sanpaku J said...

I bought one when I saw my local target carrying them last week. I am still very up in arms about my Vanilla Apple. It certainly burns slow. I've let it burn for 4+ hour intervals for 3 times. So that's about 12 hours and the level has hardly moved however... Around the outer edge, there's a strange soft ring of wax. Actually it's kinda the consistancy of butter or old cold grease. It's still super soft some 24 hours after being blown out. I'm curious if I'm supposed to scoop that bit away or if it's actually going to burn because it doesn't seem like it.

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