Tuesday, September 2, 2008

advocate spotlight!

Oh come on. You've hemmed, you've hawed. You've wondered what hemming and hawing means if you don't live in the South... And YET, you can't come up with one single (good!) excuse NOT to be an advocate spotlight! Laziness won't even cut it. Cause it's easy! (It's our mini-feature located on the sidebar to your right. Haven't you been reading all the great method lusters sending in their spotlights! They rock, you don't. (But you could. Do hurt feelings make you want to do it even more, and get revenge? If so, my job here is done.)

Here's the 411! (Do people still say that?) All you have to do is submit the following information (so-very-simple instructions below.) Here's all you do:

1) Select a photo of yourself (you can see an example of the size to the right, in the current advocate spotlight! Bigger is also fine.)

2) Answer these quick questions (short answers work best):
1+ Your name:
2+ The first method product you purchased:
3+ Your favorite method product:
4+ Your favorite method scent (current or past):
5+ Why do you lust method?
6+ Favorite word that begins with the letter 'm'?

3) Send it all to artist@nathanaaron.com That's it! (I told ya it was easy.) Now, no more excuses! (Well, maybe appendicitis, but that's the only one you get!)

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