Sunday, August 8, 2010

dishing the dirt!

method has recently announced their new dish soap and anti-bac line, and the news is BIG! So big in fact, the products will start hitting Target shelves today/this week! First, the new dish soap scents will be clementine, sea minerals, cucumber, and two "natural exclusive fragrances" (what that may mean exactly, I'm not sure. I think these will match up with their new upcoming kitchen hand wash line) in basil (yum!) and ginger yuzu.

In the anti-bacterial line (which states "Kills 99.9% of household germs botanically",) two all purpose spray cleaners in lemon verbena and spearmint (both, wow! Yum!) and all purpose wipes in lemon verbana. The dish soap will stay at $2.99 at Target locations, and the spray cleaner and wipes will also be $2.99. Look for the naturals (basil and ginger yuzu) dish soap to hit stores in September, when I would also place a big bet on the new kitchen hand wash line showing up.

Now for some mixed news. All the old dish soap has been discontinued. No more lavender or pink grapefruit. (I love the lavender, so I'm really disappointed; and I'm totally shocked they canned the pink grapefruit, since people seem to pee their pants over that scent. No really, someone told me once they peed their pants over that scent. You think I'd just make this stuff up? Never!)

The biggest, and possibly controversial news comes in the wipes area. All of their multi-purpose wipes (in go naked, lavender, and pink grapefruit - uhm, I think that's all the scents they come in) are being discontinued, and the new anti-bac wipes will replace these. So, if you want to use all purpose method wipes, you have to use the anti-bacterial variety now. I really, really want everyone's thoughts on this, since even though it's by method (and naturally derived) many people still have big concerns about anti-bacterial products.

So there you go! Now it's your turn! Thoughts, opinions? Rants, raves?


Jamison cOMBS said...

I guess I'll go first. I am super excited about the new scents. It's definitely time for some newness in the Method product line. The new "lighthouse" bottle for the dish soap will be much more convenient, not to mention sleek and simple adorning my kitchen counter.

As stated above, I'm excited about the new spray scents. I'm most thankful for some new colors. I didn't dig the bright purple or pink in my "man kitchen."

I'm not so happy about the limited selection of wipes. The new (or should we say "old") canister seems like a step backwards in the packaging. (Been there. Done that.) Hopefully though the new canister will solve the problem some (and I dare say a few) people had with the wipes drying out. I do love that I can leave the wipe canister on the counter. (I think the presentation of the canister on the counter looks better than a little baggie thing they come in now.)

I feel like the new scents are taking Method up a level. New, more sophisticated scents. Cucumber and pink grapefruit were more the teenage years of Method. I feel like Basil, Lemon Verbena and Spearmint more natural and adultish... Follow what I'm trying to say?

Rebecca said...

Wipes - count me in on the canister as well, I can't stand the bag - it ALWAYS rips and I have to store it in a ziploc!

Regarding antibac though as you asked... well, if they are considering them antibac because they contain alcohol or thyme oil (like the new STINKY 7th Gen line), then I'm fine with that. Would not purchase if it's Triclosan or the like, but I can't see Method using those kinds of ingredients? Will be curious to check these new items out!

Jason said...

I'm up for trying the Anti-Bac if the scents are pleasing and they don't contain any nasty ingredients. I am happy to hear that Ginger Yuzu might be alive and kicking (no Whole Foods around here)....totally shocked that Pink Grapefruit is a goner. Wow.

nettodo said...

I am SO sad that Lavender and pink grapefruit will be gone. =( . I am excited to have sea minerals dish soap, because sea minerals is my FAVORITE scent. Also psyched about the anti-bac. Yay, non-toxic spearmint disinfectant! (odd scent choice there method, pretty smart.)

kirby said...

If method's new basil scent is anything remotely like the Mrs Meyer's basil scent...there may be a momentary lapse in my ability to remain continent of urine. Just saying.

And I was actually thinking about this in the shower today, how it was the pink grapefruit scent that initially turned me on to method products, but I can't handle it now. While it didn't smell amazing, it did smell better than most every other spray cleaner on the market at the time. You know who actually did nail the pink grapefruit scent? Neutrogena, with their new acne line. Totally shocked! As if it isn't traumatic enough to start getting acne as an adult, acne cleansers don't smell good! But seriously, the Neutrogena pink grapefruit cleansers are exactly I wished method's pink grapefruit would smell like. Because I'd love to smell that smell without having to associate it with pimples!

Nathan Aaron said...

Kirby, I THINK you're saying you like the Mrs. Meyer's basil scent? LOL I gotta say, I'm not really a big fan, simply because to me it smells NOTHING like basil! If it's called basil, it should (well, to me at least) smell like basil. LOL Now their pea pod (or whatever it is called) scent smells exactly like fresh peas, so I love that. method completely dropped the ball on their sweet pea scent for kids. It smells NOTHING like peas, everything like rice milk + mallow under a new name. LOL

Just my two cents on scents. Ha ha!

Anonymous said...

sweet pea is a flower!

JSH said...

can i just say that i bought a bottle of the clementine dish soap tonight and dear god it is so heavenly smelling.

it's a crisp citrus smell that smells bright, but not overpowering. it mildly reminds me of "satsuma" from the body shop, but nowhere near as potent.

i wish they would expand this scent into handwash and other products. it's easily one of my favorites now.

Jerry Travers said...

I am so disappointed that method discontinued pink grapefruit dish soap. I LOVE the scent! I tried the clementine new formula, which doesn't work as well in hard water as the old formula and when the bottle was about 2/3 used, the pump doesn't work well. The new laundry soap pumps don't work for long either. I bought up as much pink grapefruit dish as I could find at grocery stores that still had it. Every other natural dish soap that I have tried either don't work, have a bad smell or dry out my hands,etc.

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