Thursday, August 5, 2010

soap dish!

The New York Times has just ran a (very to the point) article both in print and online touting some of method's awesome new products (appearing soon at a store near you!):

"Method’s Single-Handed Soap Dispenser | By Tim McKeough

The cleaning-products company Method is updating its range, aiming to keep every corner of the home spotless — and equipped with sculptural bottles. The new line of dishwashing soap ($3) is notable. “We had been trying to crack dish soap for years,” said Eric Ryan, one of the company’s founders.

Method’s new pump bottle is designed to appeal to people who apply soap directly to a dish or sponge as well as to those who fill up the sink with suds. It has a beefy base and a pump with a wide top so it can be used with one hand, without being picked up.

Method is also introducing its first antibacterial products, with cleaning sprays and wipes ($3 per container) that the company said kill household germs with a patented botanical formula; another addition is kitchen soap that removes food odors from hands ($3)."


look for the new products to start hitting Target shelves (hopefully) this weekend!


Jennifer said...

Ok, a) I am delighted that you were so obsessed with Method that you started a whole blog! About Method! This has made my Sunday. And b) I'm so glad I stumbled across this news, because I literally *just* came from Target and yep, not a bottle of pink grapefruit dish soap in sight. While I am bummed by this, I am super-excited about the ginger yuzu coming out. That sounds scrumptious, and worth waiting for.

Any word on what's going on with the Method fabric softener? That was on clearance on an end cap, so I'm hoping they'll have some new product on the horizon to replace it.

Nathan Aaron said...

You should be seeing new laundry softener in the same new laundry bottles, out this month!

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