Saturday, August 7, 2010


Looks like Target has started another round o' method clearances. This time around it's hand wash, hand wash, and oh yeah, hand wash. Like refresh mint or waterflower? Better head out and pick some up real quick like, because not only has the gel wash been phased out, but now the foaming is also on clearance (and for a fact, I know the gel will be discontinued by the end of the year from the method line; not sure if the foaming is now in the same boat. The body wash is safe, so no worries there!) The go naked gel hand wash had also been clearanced from Target a few weeks ago.

Along with those products, they're also kicking out the new creamy hand wash line (coconut + honey and cucumber + aloe.) I know method had some issues with their coconut + honey not being vegan, and they did at the time state they were going to reformulate it. So I'm not sure if this is the end for their creamy hand wash line once more, or if Target has just decided to drop it?

I believe this is all setting the stage for their upcoming kitchen hand wash line (announced in the New York Times!) which I think will be hitting shelves in September (if not earlier.)

Whew, and that's all the hand wash news I got at the moment! More information as I get it (or find it on the shelves!)


Jason said...

I am *really* tired of Method products being discontinued.

Nathan Aaron said...

Jason, while I agree with you, I think a lot of the time it's more so a case of method products being clearanced by Target; which in turn results in the only means of sales for that particular product being their online site. And since so many people think the shipping on that site is really expensive, it usually results in the product being discontinued sooner rather than later.

The solution is for method to grow a bigger retail presence, with companies other than Target. They have Lowe's Hardware, and some items here and there; but why not Walmart, or Kmart, etc.?

I've learned a lot about businesses and retail stores, and how they "work together" after becoming obsessed with method. And yet what I do know is but the tip of the iceberg, and I gotta say it seems like the impossible mission to get a retail store to a) pick up your items, and then b) keep selling them, without clearancing them out for the "next big thing." At one time I thought you just made a product, and tada, retail stores would carry it just like that. MAN, is that not how it works.

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