Thursday, August 5, 2010

holiday in august?

Are you ready for the holidays? No, not yet? What are you talkin' about? It's only four months away! Whew! I'll let that one sink in for a bit...

Because method seems to have just announced their holiday 2010 line (via their Facebook page!) Sad face, I'm pretty sure all we're going to be seeing are hand washes this year, as last year was hand washes and candles. And uhm, aircare is dead. So, no holiday candles.

The news says that hollyberry, peppermint vanilla and cinnamon bark are making a return!

method advocate Lisa asked:

" I know it's August but I always look forward to the holiday hand soaps. Any sneak peeks on what this year's scents will be? I also miss the matching countertrop cleaner from a couple of years ago. Made my whole kitchen smell like Christmas."

and method responded:

"so here is what i know, hollyberry, cinnamon bark and peppermint vanilla gel hand (wash) are all making a comeback this year!"

Personally, I'm hoping they throw in a few additional scents (like frosted fir! It was delightfully Christmas in a bottle, people! Christmas. In. A. Bottle! But alas...) I'd also love to see spiced pear make a comeback. It's a huge hit for method every time, so I'm sorta surprised we're not seeing it this year. I've always loved how method used to switch out holiday scents each year, so you were never sure what you'd be getting that year; but usually knew your favorites would return a year or two down the line, and you'd get a new scent or two! Now it appears that method seems to have decided these are their best selling three holiday scents, so they're just sticking with tried and true.

What are your thoughts on this? Want to see new scents? Old ones return (and if so, which ones?) Or love this news? (Here's to hoping they have a few more holiday goodies up their sleeves! I sincerely miss all the dish soap, and spray cleaners.)

Commence comments! (Did you see what I just did there? Oh, I'm good.)


Jason said...

Really happy to hear that Hollyberry is returning again. Cinnamon Bark is ok, but Peppy Van doesn't do much for me. We need dish soaps, countertop spray, and CANDLES!

I'd loved for some of the other holiday scents to return as well, especially Spiced Pear.

On a related note:

I sent Mrs. Meyers Cleanday an email earlier this week asking if their delicious Iowa Pine scent will be returning for holiday 2010. They replied saying that the scent this year will be Orange Clove instead but the Iowa Pine candle will be sold as well.

Nathan Aaron said...

Hmm, really curious to see how natural the orange clove smells. If it's as great as it sounds, I'm so there! :)

kirby said...

If Orange Clove is as fantastic as Iowa Pine was, I'm so in trouble. I've gotta admit, the method holiday scents just didn't do much for me last year. :(

PS: My word verification code that I have to type in to prove I'm not an evil spambot is "la sigh." It perfectly reflects my apathetic mood! Haha!

Quill said...

XD More cinnamon bark!! Not that I've used even half of what I have stored, at this point...maybe I should stop stockpiling?

Of course, there's no guarantee that it will be available where I am!

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