Monday, August 16, 2010

headin' out

Target has placed a couple more method items on the sad clearance list. I've noticed recently the pink grapefruit gel hand wash refill pouches have been clearanced, and method lust reader Jamison has let me know he saw the dilutable cleaner on clearance as well.

method is moving a bunch of new products onto Target's store shelves this month. But in true Target fashion, it seems that instead of adding to the method line in their stores, anytime method debuts a new product Target has to clearance one out to free up the shelf space. Which always irritates me to no end. But alas, what can you do?

So a quick run down on Target's method clearance list:

+ tub + tile bathroom cleaner (replaced with the new anti-bac bathroom spearmint cleaner? Not sure.)
+ dilutable cleaner
+ pink grapefruit gel hand wash refill
+ go naked gel hand wash
+ refresh mint foaming and gel hand wash (discontinued)
+ waterflower foaming and gel hand wash (discontinued)
+ creamy hand wash in coconut + honey and cucumber + aloe
+ all wipes in pouch packaging (go naked, lavender, and pink grapefruit - discontinued and replaced with the new anti-bac lemon verbena wipes)
+ dish soap in lavender and pink grapefruit scents (discontinued and replaced with the new dish soap line)
+ the peony 25-load laundry detergent (definitely not discontinued)
+ and I've also noticed Target doesn't seem to be carrying the rice milk + mallow baby line any longer. The baby products, and room for them are completely missing from the store shelves. Perhaps these are only being carried at Babies R' Us now?)

Whew! And I think that's it. If I didn't write discontinued next to the item, I'm not sure if it's just been clearanced by Target, or discontinued by method (I'm gonna ask method! Or hey, method, if you're reading this, feel free to leave a comment!) Many of these items have been replaced with new products (the dish soaps, new limited edition hand washes, waterfall scent now being placed in the permanent hand wash line, etc.) so for a lot of this stuff it's sorta an "upgrade/swap-out". Just a little 411 for ya!


Aaron said...

So Nathan... not to get political, but do you have any plans to get your lust on anywhere besides Target, in light of recent news?

I know they are the easiest place to find Method these days, but I'm really having a hard time working up the stomach to shop there anymore.

Nathan Aaron said...

Yeah, I'm gonna have to tread lightly on the political front. I had thought they'd done a second apology, but I could be wrong about that? I still feel that, for the moment, Target is the best place to get what I need (and finding method in general is rather limited!)

I feel Walmart is still WAY worse than Target when it comes to most everything.

More so, I think this should send a direct message to corporations that just because SCOTUS gives them (bought and paid for, I mean, come on) permissions to give candidates money, DOESN'T mean they should. And the mere fact that a large section of government (who's political party affiliation I will not mention LOL) is working overtime to bury the transparency is even more telling.

At the very least, if you're not going to do evil, you should want your actions to be transparent. Not wanting that just proves you're up to no good (as far as I'm concerned - and I mean this for ALL corporations fighting these disclosure acts.)

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