Friday, August 20, 2010

must reads

Just a quick announcement (cue loud tooting trumpets held why gentlemen in feather adorned pointy hats!) to let method lusters know that I've now added a section to the right sidebar called "method lust must reads"! It's teeny at the moment, but with time, patience, care, and three cans of flaky salmon dinner each day, it should grow into a nice big list!

Need to know why this wacky blog exists? Who and what exactly is method? How did it get its start? What happened to aircare (as everyone keeps asking this)? Want to learn about some old school method products? Well, head on down (Psst, it's right below the cute pic of method's co-founders) and you'll find this list!

So next time you're curious, check out the must reads! And yeah, uhm, if it's not there, do a search, ok? I can't do everything for you. Geesh. (But yeah, thanks for reading!)

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