Monday, August 23, 2010

new product lust!

Now that the new products are (well, ok, in some places) starting to hit (Target) store shelves, as you have a chance to pick them up and give'em a try, what do you think? (Wow, that was one big run on sentence, wasn't it?)

I'm talking about anti-bac spearmint and lemon verbena spray cleaner, anti-bac lemon verbena wipes, fresh currant limited edition hand wash, fresh air fabric softener, sweet pea baby detergent, and sea minerals, clementine, and cucumber dish soap.

Throw us a review (you can email me one! And I'll post it here on methodlust!) Compare the new products with their old counterparts (ha ha, get it, counterparts. Oh yeah, I'm good!) Love the new scents/products? Hate the (ok, ok, mom always did say you should never hate something. How about greatly dislike?) the new scents/products? Lust everything! Let method lust know!


Anonymous said...

I bought a 50-load free+clear laundry detergent. About 15 loads in, the pump totally failed. Contacted methodhome; their suggestions didn't help, but they offered to send a coupon for a replacement product. Frustratingly, what they sent was a set of four coupons with a maximum value of $3.99 each which doesn't exactly replace a $15 purchase.

I think they should give up on the silly pump in favor of a measuring/draining cap like other detergents use.

Missy said...

The pump probably was just a dud. I have been using them for a while with no problems.

My review on the anti-bac spearmint bathroom spray is that it looks pretty (the bottle) but smells like listerine....BUT (again) it is a MILLION times better than breathing in anything full of chemicals.

wisdomandpeace said...

What a bummer about the defective laundry pump! I love them! I love that the bottles are so small that I can keep a few "flavors" next to the washing machine. I'm sensitive to perfumes, so if I want a lighter scent, I can do two squirts of scented detergent and two squirts of free + clear. I also have a small 25 load bottle of the free + clear under my children's bathroom sink so that I can use a squirt to wash out the baby's outfit when his diaper leaks. Most laundry detergent bottles are too big and cumbersome and the dispensing too messy to make it practical to keep laundry detergent under the bathroom sink.

I also love my new sea minerals dish soap! I almost wish that my kitchen sink didn't have an integrated soap dispenser so that I'd have an excuse to keep the gorgeous bottle out on the counter! The pump is so clever and sea minerals is my favorite scent!

And a question: do you know if the new anti-bac cleaners are replacing the eucalyptus mint tub and tile and the sea minerals all purpose cleaner? I like that my bathroom cleaners (toilet bowl cleaner, le scrub and spray cleaner) and my kitchen products (dish soap and counter spray) are a consistent scent.

Jason said...

After using the new Clementine dish soap this week, I can honestly say that I don't find it any more concentrated than the previous dish soap version. So I guess we lost 7 ounces of product and still pay the same price. :(

Love the pump though!

kirby said...

Not even remotely close to loving the antibac products. At all. I hope they are among the many short lived Method products.

To end on a good note though, my husband described the clementine dish soap as "bad ass." Translation: he loves it. :)

Jason said...

"Bad ass" is an excellent way to describe the new clementine dish soap. It smells great and looks awesome in the kitchen.

I have been totally "lusting" the seventh generation disinfecting sprays because i love the smell of thyme. I like the smell of the bathroom cleaner allot more because of the mint but think it needs a foaming spray-head like 7th g.

kaoticorchid said...

I'm going to try some of the anti-bac stuff at work, if only to expose some of my co-workers to alternative options other than Lysol. I'm holding out on my opinions, though.

Karin said...

Unfortunately so far I am unimpressed by the new products. I haven't tried the laundry detergent, it's hard to find the smaller bottles, most stores are only carrying the larger ones...and at $17.99 a pop - I will not be buying those!

I'm seriously starting to wonder if method is phasing out the foaming hand soap...because I'm seeing less and less of it...and they aren't adding any new scents. This makes me very sad. :( By the way, the Mrs. Meyer's Honeysuckle scent that is now permanent, is divine!

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