Tuesday, August 10, 2010

new, new, new!

So I got a little confession to make. I adore Christmas. Oh that festive holiday season (hopefully) full of snow, brightly wrapped presents, and gleeful music! In fact, I have an obsession with Christmas music. Christmas records, to be exact. (Psst, I'll let you in on a little secret. I own one hundred and twenty seven Christmas records. Yes, I realize at this point I need an intervention. Feel free to stop by my house anytime, and start one. No, but really.) They're mainly from the 50's thru late 60's/early 70's. I love, love, lust, and lick them! (Ok, I don't really lick them, cause that would be real dirty like. So dirty in fact, I'm not even sure method could clean my tongue properly after that. So no, no licking. More imaginary licking. Ok?) And this week we've had our yearly Hospice Flea Market in town, and I've been stocking up on ho ho ho, Christmas records! And of course, when I get them, I have to play them to see what they sound like. So... it's sorta been Christmas in August for me. Actually, you could take that back to the last few weeks in July as well, cause I bought some at Goodwill, and those had to be played too. Just ask my dad, he was loving it (and no, not in the loving lusting licking way I was, trust me. More in the sarcastic not loving lusting or licking at all way.)

So walking into (here's the point! Whew!) Target today, it was like Christmas came early, what with all the music I've been listening to, and on top of that, when what to my wondering eyes should appear, but all new method products! They've arrived! Yay!

No, really, Nathan. You did that entire Christmas intro just to bring in the idea of finding method products like Christmas presents? You did all that, for this? My word, you need help... but you digress, third person voice, you digress...

Here's what you'll be finding (hopefully this week!) at your nearest Target! All the knowns - the new antibac line in spearmint, lemon verbana, and lemon verbana wipes (see photo above!) As well as the new dish soap in those laundry shaped bottles, in clementine, sea minerals and cucumber! And what's this, some surprises! A brand spankin' (Christmas colored! So there, ha, third person voice! I got you back!) new limited edition gel hand wash in fresh currant! (It's sorta a really light berry/cherry-ish scent, or at least that's what I got from sniffing the bottle.) And method luster Bradley was right, they've put out a 25 load laundry detergent in lavender cedar! And it smells really nice! Earthy, but with a little floral, I can't explain it, but I'm liking it! Not sure if this is a Target exclusive, or limited edition, or what, as it had no labeling as such.

I'm gonna hold off on any reviews of course, until I've had a chance to try out the products properly for myself. So the only thing I can give you right now is my first impressions/bottle sniff tests. The antibac line smells really... how do I say this properly? - Medicinal. It's just, it's made with thyme oil (which I think is a big part of what makes it antibacterial) and I think that's what is giving it this scent. I could barely smell lemon verbena or spearmint over that heavy medicinal smell. But, I haven't tried it, so perhaps it will come off differently when you actually spray and use the product! I will be picking up a bottle of the spearmint to give a try, even though I have my concerns over the use of antibacterial products, and see what I think.

The clementine scent is nice. I wish it were a bit stronger, and more fresh. It sorta reminds me of a generic orange scent at the moment. But again, I didn't like the scent of mandarin mango when it first came out, and I gave it a sniff test in the store. Then I purchased a bottle, and tried it out, and really liked the smell! So who knows, that's why I want to wait and give these all tries before I really get into any nitty-gritty.

So that's that! I'm so excited! And we can also expect to see the new fabric softeners showing up this month, very soon (in similar scents to the current laundry line.) And, if that wasn't enough, the new kitchen hand wash line comes out in September, along with the naturals dish soap line. And since Bradley got the lavender cedar perfect, I'm going to bet he's right on these two lines as well, scent wise. He says the hand wash line will carry basil and lemongrass (yum! yum! yum! Lemongrass!) and the naturals dish soap line will carry basil and ginger yuzu.

Let method lust know when you've seen these new items on your store shelves, and what you think of them! Initially, and after you give them a big ole' method try!


While we're at it, method has released a press release on their new antibac line, to give everyone some more information into what makes it, well, do it's antibac thing! Via csrwire.com:

"Method, the leading innovator in premium, eco-friendly household and personal care products, introduces its first line of botanical household disinfectant sprays and wipes. The Method Antibac assortment of antibacterial, antiviral and antimicrobial products is registered by the Environmental Protection Agency and consists of two cleaning sprays, one formulated especially for the bathroom and the other for the kitchen, and all purpose cleaning and disinfecting wipes.

Method has partnered with CleanWell Company, makers of the thyme-based disinfecting technology, to create a patented botanical formula that kills 99.99 percent of household bacteria including E.coli, salmonella enterica, influenza A and H1N1 virus on hard, non-porous surfaces.

"In the past, we were unwilling to develop or promote antibacterial cleaners because we had not yet found a technology that met our strict ingredient standards and aligned with our principles," says Adam Lowry, Method co-founder and chief greenskeeper. "We recognize that some people prefer to use antibacterial cleaners for high-contact surfaces like toilets and sinks, and we're excited to offer a line of disinfecting cleaners that utilizes CleanWell's botanical technology."

The bathroom spray is optimized to target soap scum and hard water stains while the kitchen cleaner is designed to cut through grease and grime. Both of these products are effective at killing 99.99 percent of household germs on hard, non-porous surfaces throughout any room in the home.

With vibrantly colored bottles and nature-inspired scents of lemon verbena and spearmint, Method stays true to its unique design + fragrance differentiation with its antibac line, which starts appearing on U.S. store shelves this week at Target and other retailers across the country.

About CleanWell Company
CleanWell Company's mission was born over a decade ago from a family's need to find cleaning and disinfecting products that could be used around the founder’s severely immune compromised son. The CleanWell scientific team was the first to discover how to blend thyme oil to kill 99.99% of germs naturally. CleanWell is passionately committed to developing innovative solutions that offer consumers a way to clean and disinfect without compromise."


PS - (Are you still with me?) I have a feeling this is why the tub + tile cleaner has been discontinued, as the new antibac line is formulated for bathroom (and kitchen). I would have preferred they just left them antibac without specifying an in-home area, but alas. I really liked the eucalyptus mint tub + tile cleaner, so I'm surprised it's gone (or at least gone from Target.)

And again, let me know what you think about all the new products! I can't wait to give them all a try! Ho, ho, ho, merry method (in August!) Yeah, I had to tie up the ending with the beginning. I realize it was a stretch, but come one, give me a little credit here, ok? Ok, well, maybe next time...


Rebecca said...

Oh no!
I wondered if they would use the Thyme oil to make it antibac... to me, it's a big YUCK.
I can't stand the Seventh Generation antibac products because of the overwhelming thyme smell, and I returned 2 bottles of CleanWell hand soap because of it - the smell was SO overpowering and it made my hands itch something fierce.
Blah, because I really was excited about Lemon Verbena...

Rebecca Welch said...

There is only one eco-friendly choice in antibacterial-thymol.

I'm glad method finally released an antibac line!

kirby said...

Feeling a little apathetic about the antibacterial products. I will probably skip out on these. It's just not "me."

However, I did accidentally buy some supposedly "eco friendly" antibacterial spray cleaner and dish soap from Grocery Outlet a couple of months ago (somehow didn't realize it was antibacterial until I got it home and used it). The brand is Organic Kitchen by Upper Canada. Scents including mint sage and lavender bergamot... Maybe questionable, but quite lustworthy.

Jason said...

The Tub & Tile cleaner hasn't been discontinued at the Target here....at least not as of a few days ago.

Jason said...

Found the new softener today....and the T&T Cleaner is now on clearance! I guess I spoke too soon yesterday! Nothing else new.

I grabbed a T&T cleaner (cuz I lust it!) and the softener. Really want to find the new Clementine dish soap and Fresh Currant hand soap!

Rhonda said...

Yay, I got some of the new products today. I do like the container of the antibac wipes- because it seemed the wipes stayed wetter in that container.
The stuff is "medicinal"- like the Cleanwell Products- but I think they are seeing if the antibac line attrats new customers. I never got on that antibacterial soap boat myself. I am still seeing if I like the lemon verbena, The spearmmint bathroom cleaner is a little more pleasant.

Anyway- the method products are ntoicable so much more colorful at Target. I wonder if the color attracts more purchase? It is just very noticable.

Jason said...

Found the rest of the new Method product today - Fresh Currant Handwash, new Dish Soaps, Anti-Bac, and new laundry scent.

Grabbed a Fresh Currant, Clementine Dish Soap, and the Lemon Verbena Anti-Bac.

I gotta say that the Anti-Bacs stink. I know, I know...I bought one anyway. The LV was less offensive to my nose than the spearmint. I'll give it a whirl, but Cleanwell smells bad and that's why I don't buy their hand sanitizer anymore.

I sure hope that the Tub & Tile hasn't been discontinued by Method...and that Lowes continues to carry it.

Kendra said...

I was very excited to find the antibac products yesterday at Target. I wasn't familiar with the "Cleans Well" line, so the sticker on the bottle meant nothing to me. I was thrilled that Method had put out a "lemon" scent because that is truly one of my faves.

This morning I started cleaning the kitchen and was truly disgusted by the smell. It's like old tires, very strong and very nauseating. That product is going back to Target ASAP.

First time I've been disappointed with a Target product. This one gets HUGE thumbs down.

stephenjames716 said...

I agree 100% with Kendra.

Was very excited to try out both the Kitchen and Bathroom antibacterial cleaners but cannot stand the smell!

I will be returning these and sticking with the old line that smells great and works great too.

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