Monday, August 23, 2010

clean sweeps

+ method lust has a spiffy new look! I decided it'd been all same-same for a while, so it was time for some blog cleaning! Now it smells all almond, eucalyptus mint, clementine, lavender, minty fresh! Whew! It's still sorta slightly in progress - I've got a few small issues to work the kinks out on, but thought I'd debut it for everyone anyway! Let me know what you think! (And here's a quiz! How many method products can you find in the new above title image? There are lots! - The answer is in the comments section.)

+ Are you a past or present method hand sanitizer fan (as they still sell it online, and at some Office Max/Office Depot, etc. stores)? Well, according to this latest blog piece over on Cool Mom Picks, they've let the cat out of the bag:

"I'm also happy about the new hand sanitizer pump in Method's trademark beautiful tear-shaped bottle, which I don't mind displaying one bit. I just can't wait until they're available on line in a few weeks!"


I can proudly say I've seen these new pump bottles in person (old bottle shown above), and imagine method taking their hand wash tear drop bottles, and flattening them to half their size front to back (while still retaining their cute curvy sides!) Or, or, imagine the hand wash, on a Grapefruit diet! All successful and ready for it's swimsuit! They're cute, and will come in sea minerals and sweet water scents! This should be hitting store shelves in September (if not earlier.)


Nathan Aaron said...

method products in the new title image are: refresh mint body wash, citrus leaf dilutable cleaner, magnolia dish soap, all-purpose spray nozzle, smarty dish cube, eucalyptus mint aroma ring, spiced pear candle, mandarin mango hand wash, sea minerals body scrub, water lily + aloe wet dry sheet packaging, nectarine blossom wet dry sheet packaging, a teeny tiny bottle of pink grapefruit hand wash and of course the (infamous?) daisy! - Whew! (Seriously, they're all in there!)

Rich said...

I love your new design! It DOES look all minty-fresh and new! :) Congrats!

kirby said...

The page looks frickin' sweet, Nathan!

While I have in the past expressed apathy/dislike toward antibacterial products, I do use the old school method green tea + aloe hand sanitizer at work. I get some pretty gnarly excema from the 3M brand sanitizer we have in the hospital.

Bastet said...

I've been reading your blog about the new products and we've been seeing NOTHING here in Chicago. You'd think in a big city there'd be something, but nothing. Target has Waterfall, but nothing else is new. Also there's a "boycott Target" move going on since they gave millions to a Tea Party candidate in Minnesota, so I darn not show my Democrat head over there. (well, I can sneak around.) Forget Lowe's. A manager told me they are phasing Method out.
I'm dying to try the fabric softener and the current hand soap...and all the other stuff. And the Web site has nothing. I think I'm going to cry.


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