Thursday, August 19, 2010


Lots of method advocates are still really sad over the apparent (because secretly we're still holding out hope that one day it will return) death of method aircare. In fact, it surprises me how many people will ask about it over on their Facebook page, given that the line has been gone for months and months now. But then again I suppose those advocates aren't quite as obsessed with all things method as I am, and roam down the cleaning aisles each and every time they hit their nearest Target, just to check in on their lil' cleaning buddies. (Yeah, let's not go there.)

Well, with that said, how about owning a piece of method aircare history! Right now over on ebay, you can purchase yourself an aroma capsule in freesia blossom scent (one of the first scents, and products in the aircare line!) - Think of it as an aroma ring, with batteries.

+ method aroma capsule - $10.99 + $4.99 shipping - Two available!

+ And also don't forget to check in on Rachel over at her ebay store, Better Bath and Beauty! She's always got a ton of method aircare (as well as other method goodies!) for sale, to slowly lull us through the seven stages of aircare grief. Sniff...


kirby said...

Oh good, the Better Bath and Beauty store lets you submit a best offer. That satisfies the "bargaining" stage of grieving. :P

kaoticorchid said...

Lol, hey, what happened to that last-chance air-care contest awhile back? ;)

Karin said...

As much as I miss the aircare line...the aroma capsule is one item I'm glad they got rid of...I think I had two and they both crapped out shortly after purchase. Cute design, but poor construction. I think the true gems of the aircare line were the plugins, sprays and candles!

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