Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I decided to take a little strolly-stroll down my nearby Lowe's Hardware today, after lunch - just to see what was what in the method section, and if they still carried the lavender dish soap and eucalyptus mint tub + tile cleaner (the answers are double yes!) But while doing all that (and balancing a ball upon my head, just because you know I like to multi-task like nobody's business!) I came upon a possibly sad sight.

It looks like Lowe's is clearancing out the method Omop! Including the wood and all-floor microfiber cleaning cloths. The sweeper dusters are not on clearance however, but those could be used for multiple purposes (such as dusting cloths throughout the house, etc.) Now, this is just speculation for the time being, but I'm not feeling too good about the ole' Omop at this point. I know, I know, it hasn't been without it's kinks (or snaps, and breaks, mind you.) But what with Target having also clearanced that baby out, like a year or more ago, it leaves people's Omop options very limited - possibly only to the online store! (Does anyone else know if it's available in other retail stores? I haven't seen it anywhere, myself... And yes, I should know this. This is method lust, after all. But hey, I'm not the method God. Ok? I don't know all, as much as I pretend to let on that I do! Ha ha!)

In fact, over on their method Facebook page, an advocate recently asked:

"Do you still have the mop? I can't find refills at my Target anymore! Help!" to which they responded "Lowe's Hardware, or the method online store." So, I guess I might just be a method God after all!


In fact, I'm noticing an interesting trend in method lately? Perhaps, just perhaps, they're slowly discontinuing all non-explicit cleaning products (is that the proper usage of explicit, if not, eh, you know what I'm trying to get at!) The microfiber cleaning cloths have slowly been disappearing from store shelves (you know, the ones that were for glass, granite, wood, etc.) In fact, you can't even order them on the site any longer. The aircare went bye-bye (and it had many non-cleaning components, such as the plug-in, and the ring, ceramic oil diffuser, glass bowls, etc.) Now (might) the Omop also be poised for method Heaven?

Have we reached a point where method is trying to simplify its product line to where if it isn't a liquid-based cleaning product, it's out? While this does sound more green-friendly, it also sends people to their competition (as people will have to buy swiffers, and other cleaning cloths, aircare products, etc.)

Do you think this would be a good, or a bad thing? Keep in mind the Omop thing is just speculation at this point (but again, as far as I'm concerned, it ain't lookin' too good.)


Stefanie Graves said...

I have to say, the O-mop has been a flop for me. I was SO excited when it came out, but my handle snapped shortly into our relationship. But the awesome people at Method replaced it for free once I sent them photo proof of the damage. Sadly, the replacement mop also snapped. I've been using the busted-top O-mops that I have but it's difficult and not very comfortable. I rescued a swiffer from my neighbor's curb and have started using it with my homemade washable reusable covers and Method floor cleaner.

Jamison cOMBS said...

I will say this: Son of bitch. If Method gets rid of the OMop and all teh refills I am going to freaking flip out. Seriously. I've had an OMop for years and have given several as gifts. If it becomes another thing where I have the OMop but can't get refills I am going to be pissed. I'm still not over the whole Air Care line. I have a ton of Aroma Pill holders/nightlights, but can't get the refills anymore.

Oh God, please.

Aaron said...

I would be VERY disappointed if Method went all the way down to just cleaning products. In fact, I'd worry if that was the beginning of the end for them if that happened.

One thing I really worry about is the Body Wash line... That stuff is fantastic, and very well reviewed. Still, I never see it at Target or the like with much regularity. I hope it ever goes away, but please let me know if you hear otherwise Nathan so I can buy out everything Amazon has!

Missy said...

Just wanted to say that if you live in the Philly area (Bucks/Montco) they have Method products at ShopRite which is also a union store! They also sell seventh gen as well. Happy Shopping!

tracey said...

Just went online to oMop unavailable! Oh no! Like Stephanie, I had one replaced by Method and second one eventually broke, but after buying another brand I realized how totally worth it the oMop was. Now I can't find one!

I'm with Jamison. Seriously pissed.

Nathan Aaron said...

Tracey, looks like the one for wood is unavailable, while the one for all floors IS available (it's the same thing, different small bottle of cleaner.) So you might be able to pick one up that way. I added it to my cart and it showed up.

I'm wondering if maybe they're redesigning it. Hmm... (instead of getting rid of it! Here's to hope!)

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