Wednesday, August 4, 2010

sleeping with the fishes

method has this adorable fish tank (from their San Fran office) live video feed going!

"we love clean dishes and happy fishes. our smarty dish dishwasher tablets give you sparkling clean dishes free of phosphates and chlorine bleach. phosphates in our water systems lead to algae blooms that kill our fish population. do your dishes (and the fishes) a favor."

More from their official blog, people against dirty:

"hi there. my name is mr.pickles and i speak for the fishes (or at least the fishes in the method office). say hi to heidi and pat finn too. hi! we live in a tank at method and this is our first time blogging.

method adopted us a few weeks ago to be the spokesfishes against dirty. they set us up in this tricked-out tank and are recording our every bubble (think real world for fish). we’re here to talk about the dirty ingredients in your dishwasher detergent that make their way to our rivers and lakes.

one of the dirtiest ingredients is called phosphates. it travels from dishwasher, through the city pipes, and empties into our water. it’s a fertilizer and it causes an overgrowth of algae blooms. the algae is not only hard to navigate but it also depletes the water of oxygen and without oxygen we can die.

so we’re broadcasting live 24/7 to get the word out about smarty dish. these dishwasher tablets leave your dishes sparkling clean but are free of phosphates and chlorine bleach. yippee!"

So whenever you need a break, just check in with the fish!

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Jason said...

What is it in Smarty Dish that leaves a white film all over plastic kitchen utensils? The similar detergent from Seventh Gen doesn't do that. I also like the Seventh Gen box package better as it can be recycled whereas the packaging for Smarty Dish can't - at least not around here.

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