Friday, February 8, 2008

come clean

Now this is just the coolest thing! I stumbled upon this while roaming the internet for some method photos. I've got to say I'm not sure if this is legit method marketing, or just a fan having fun! I've never personally seen it before now...

UPDATE: Aha, I've just discovered some information about this. Apparently the CBP Group "...launched a viral campaign for Method with the Come Clean website. This viral website lets people start fresh by letting them confess to things they have done -- it captures people's confessions and then streams them in a screensaver and on the website. When confessions are entered a woman's voice reacts to the confessions and tells you how what you've done is wrong but that you are forgiven." Ok, so perhaps I've been, gasp, out of the loop on this one! I mean, apparently method once put out pumpkin spice hand wash during the holidays, and I've NEVER seen it. It's like the holy grail of method "rarity" products. (Ok, ok, actually that would be the method bamboo and coral cleaning spray. But I am WAY digressing here...) anyway, this rocks! It's so much fun! Make sure to stop on by at, and download your own personal screensaver. Then start the hand washing fun (and the come clean confessing!)

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