Tuesday, February 12, 2008

it's a sad day for koala bears

You know, I've barely begun posting to this blog, and already the titles are simply ridiculous. But I just can't help myself, method brings out the silly in me! Plus, come on, who doesn't love a cute little koala? I mean, really? Now, a crying Koala, well that might be what we have here. I know they're coming fast and furious, but I wanted to let people know Target is currently clearancing out the Eucalyptus Mint air care line. This includes candles, spray, aroma rings, and plug-ins.

What I'm curious to find out is, while the Fall editions are being replaced with Fresh Lychee and Cut Grass (from last Spring) what will this scent be replaced with? Or is method planning on rolling out a new product (such as aroma beads in non-Holiday scents) and simply needed the shelf space in stores (including Target.) As soon as I find out more information, I'll let you know! Until then, run out and pick up some Eucalyptus Mint. And fret not, because while Target seems to be clearancing out many a method product as of late, this can mean only one thing. New products/scents will soon be on their way!

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