Wednesday, February 6, 2008

wet is the new dry

I know there appears to be a theme here at the start of this new blog, but I just wanted to make sure to keep everyone up with the latest. It would also appear Target has decided to clearance the wet dryer sheet method line. A little over a year ago, they clearanced the nectarine blossom scent from their shelves, in order to replace it with the go naked version. The actual product wasn't discontinued, Target just stopped carrying it.

Well suddenly I noticed they had clearanced all of the wet dryer sheet line, so I ran to my method source to see what was going on? New packaging? Discontinued product? No. It appears Target has just decided to fill up the shelves once full of method dryer sheet with more "Big Brand". (My source said they must have just gone wacky, cause the dryer sheets aren't going anywhere! And I noticed yesterday all the method dryer sheet price labels in some of the Target stores have been removed, and new "Big Brand" products have been placed in the space.) So pick them up while you can at Target, because after the clearance is over it looks like we'll have to find an alternative means to buying these (either through the method home website, or perhaps another retailer that carries these. I don't know of any others at the moment, but if you've seen them in another retail store let me know.) Thumbs down to Target for this decision.


Anonymous said...

Method stuff is disappearing by the second. I noticed that Target stopped carrying the wet dryer sheets too. So I looked for them at Target's online store to no avail.
I then tried to check the Method web site. Well Method's website is dead, not working, gone baby gone.
HSN seems to sell Method products but not the dryer sheets. seems to as well, but the dryer sheets were out of stock.
I want animal by-product free dryer sheets, so this is very upsetting to me.

christi said...

Yes, I also noticed and talked to Target managers to no avail. However, I have once again found my wet dryer sheets at Whole Foods -- the organic food store. Yippee!

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