Wednesday, February 6, 2008

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wood for good spray cleaner

One of the goals I wish to do on this blog is post reviews of various method products. These are simply my own personal reviews, and experiences with these products, so please make sure to give the item a try, no matter what my final thoughts are. You might end up feeling differently about the product!

First up is a product that has been around, man, for about as long as the line has been. It's method wood for good spray cleaner. The scent they've given this product is almond. Now, I'm simply speculating here, but when I first picked up wood for good oh so long ago, it contained the most Heavenly almond scent! I couldn't get enough of it. So I went through that entire bottle, and then ran out to purchase a new one. After using it I went "hmm, this doesn't smell exactly the same?" It reminded me more of an "almond baby powder" scent, rather than true almond. They state on the method home website: "The almond scent in the furniture and floor cleaners is derived from a synthetic fragrance." - No real almond oil. Now their reasonings are due to nut allergies, and I can understand that. But still, the scent has never really been as amazing as the first go-around.

Cleaning wise, it's great! I use it to clean all my wood items, from chairs to my dining room table, and it works wonders. Add in the microfiber wood for good cloth, and you've got cleaning down for the count! And the cloth is reusable, saving you a fortune on paper towels! (A review on the microfiber cloths will be upcoming.) So I've given the product four and a half (out of a possible five.) The product really deserves a five, but it loses a half due to the scent change.

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