Friday, February 8, 2008

who is this method you speak of?

No, this post isn't some simple way to get in a hot shot of a naked guy holding a bucket of method floor care in front of his special parts. (Though I'll say this is one of my favorite method advertising photos, cause, well, it's just hot! Oh, and yes, there's a woman in the shot as well, but we usually forget she's there, which is all the better as I like to imagine I've just walked into the door of our home after a long day at work, and my honey has been startled by me, having been dutifully mopping our floors, dancing away, naked! Oh but I digress...)

Being such a fan of method products, I simply couldn't imagine someone not knowing about them. But I started to think, if someone comes to this blog not knowing the brand, they might be a little lost here! So this is just a small primer on what method is!

From the method home site: ...Eric Ryan and Adam Lowry were roommates living in San Francisco, having met in high school... "Eric had experience in style and branding, and he mentioned that he was thinking about introducing design to the home care industry. Eric also admitted that he had kind of a lot of cleaning products under his bed. Adam was no ordinary friend. In fact, he was a chemical engineer from Stanford University with a degree in environmental science. As soon as Eric began to talk, Adam realized that he could use his expertise to create naturally-derived, biodegradable formulas for the beautiful products Eric had in mind. And method was born.

Eric and Adam's kitchen was method's first "lab." The goal was to evolve the household cleaner from a toxic object that hid under the sink to an all-natural, biodegradable, and stylish counter top accessory. Method began with a product line of five spray cleaners delivered from store to store on the back of a pick-up truck. The product was such a success that Eric and Adam quickly recruited a talented team to build the business. By 2002, Method had added dish soap, rocketing past generations of conventional bottles with a stunning design and delivery system by Karim Rashid. In 2003, we added hand wash, dilutable floor cleaners, and wipes. In 2004, we have added a complete laundry line and two lines of premium candles. At method, we believe that your home is a reflection of who you are and how you want to live, and we know that you want to live clean."

method is all about environmentally friendly, beautifully designed, wonderful smelling cleaning and air care products that make your home great! Bleach is not the smell of clean. Bleach is the smell of chemicals. method feels (and so do I!) that fresh flowers, cut grass, lavender, and citrus scents are the smell of clean. Scents that come from nature. I could just stand in the aisles where method products are sold, and smell and smell all day long. But I usually get lots of odd stares from fellow customers. And then I'll say "These products rock, buy some, now! No, I mean it, now! Don't make me come over there." and then a new customer is born. (PS - I doubt method believes in bullying tactics, some maybe just gently push a bottle of method spray into their hands, and it'll work itself out from there.) So now you know a little more about method! So go buy some. Now! Don't make me come over there... oh sorry. I get a little excited thinking about new method lusters, just like me!

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