Monday, November 24, 2008

all that's old is new again

After heating up some really tasty apple pie, and pouring a piping hot cup of tea, I was all ready for breakfast! (Yes, breakfast, don't ask. No, I don't usually eat apple pie for breakfast, but man, this is some good apple pie. And hey, is it any worse than those Starbucks muffins and such? Eh, I think not. If so, let me live in breakfast ignorance.) And then I went to grab my cream (I'm an English type of hot tea drinker, I suppose. Gotta have the cream.) and... it was bad. Dang! So on went my blue jeans, out the door I ran, off to the grocery store! Which in my part of the woods, is (mainly) Harris Teeter. (I just checked, they're located in the southeast.)

While roaming down the aisles, cause it was way too early to actually remember where they kept the cream (Dairy aisle, Nathan. Dairy aisle. I know, I know! But it's too early, and I'm tired even though I just woke up, and I want my apple pie!) guess what I found! A brand spanking new cardboard stand of method holiday hand wash! And not just any holiday hand wash, but last years! method said to be on the lookout for their return, in stores other than Target. And the (apparent) difference between this and the recent finds at Office Max, are these look to be new, while Office Max's seem to be leftovers from last year. (I could be wrong on all of this, though. Hey, I'm only human. Well, mostly.)

I remember method's holiday design for last year was imagery with those little plastic reindeers, with the glowing red noses. And this cardboard stand, holding the hand washes, had a snowman on it, with method information. I so wanted to take a pic for the blog, but man, it's like right out in the middle of the aisle for all to see, and I knew I'd be in trouble if I started flicking away with my digital camera! Of course I could wear my method shirt into the store, and look all professional... hmm?

Anyway, all three scents from last year, hollyberry, peppermint vanilla, and cinnamon bark are available at your local Harris Teeter! So be sure to hunt out the little cardboard stand somewhere in your store, cause these hand washes are not on shelves.


Plus, speaking of Harris Teeter, right now they are having some amazing sales on method products! Literally every method product was on sale, so check them out and pick up some backstock! You can never have enough method! Well, until you've filled up your entire house with method products, and can no longer live in your home, because it's now a method storage unit. Which I think method might find bad, just cause, you know living on the street so you can have one of every method product isn't really what they had in mind (I don't think, hmm...)


Rebecca Rodgers said...

ahh you found some too...

Jamison Combs said...

It's also available at Food Lion for $2.99 with your MVP Card. Same snowman display. Bought 12 bottles of the Peppermint Vanilla last night.

kellyshaffner said...

All three of last years scents are being sold at Superstores in Calgary. Superstore is one of 3 national grocery chains we have in Canada, so I'm guessing they are in locations other than Calgary as well.

Nathan Aaron said...

12 bottles?! Jamison, you crack me up! I can only imagine the face of the cashier! :-)

Tracy said...

I just hit up my OfficeMax, thanks to the tip. They had all three of last year's scents, in the aroma sticks and hand wash.

I think this is definitely "New Old Stock" -- the aroma stick boxes looked pretty dusty, and it was the round white vase, instead of the taller one that appears at the Method site. But beggars can't be choosers... I love the PV oil scent so much, I'd buy it in a brown paper sack.

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