Sunday, November 30, 2008

let's (everyone) have a ball!

Great news from Target! I just noticed today that, like they've previously done on the aroma rings, they've reduced the price on two of method's holiday line items! The aroma sticks are now $10.99 (from $12.99) and the aroma potpourri ornament balls are $7.99 (from $9.99) At that price, I'm definitely getting an ornament now, and hanging it from my rearview mirror. See, Target can get it right, sometimes... I jest, I jest, we lust us some Target, ok?

Run out, and have yourself a ball! (Oh, and some sticks, too. But that just didn't work as well with the snappy wording. Sorry, I'll try harder next time. Maybe some dog comment, about fetching sticks and balls. Oh wait, sticks and balls. Now my mind is in the gutter. Never mind. Moving on. Go, get, holiday stuff! Stop listening to me, really. It's not good for you. Bad, bad Nathan. Oh please, you know you were thinking it, too...)

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