Monday, November 3, 2008

eco-challenge winner!

The eco-challenge winner has been chosen! And it's Erica Erler! Here post was:

"I use some of my knitted cloths for a pretty odd purpose. My three year old son is potty training, but still sleeps in his crib. If I take too long to get him when he wakes up, he'll strip, then pee over the side of the crib. So I've started putting a few layers of cotton knit cloths on the floor in his "favorite" corner. They're easily washable, and it beats shampooing my carpets every day! Just wanted to share it with you! (I also do the normal things, like bathing and cleaning with them, just so you don't think I sit around knitting things for my kid to pee on!) LOL!!"

Congrats! And thanks again, kaoticorchid, for such a great contest!

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