Monday, November 3, 2008

the laundry list

method co-founder Eric Ryan is featured in the latest issue of Dwell magazine! The November 2008 issue is still out now, so be sure to head out and pick it up! Inside you'll find a great article on choosing more energy efficient, greener laundry washers and dryers!

But what really got me even more interested in this article is the great pic of Eric, AND what's hanging behind him! Lots of method drawings, many of their current product line! BUT, it also contains "what-if" drawings of what some of the line might have ended up looking like! In the above pic you'll see, to the right, different drawings of their new candle design get showcased!

In this pic, you'll see different soap shapes for their bar soap (I actually lust this round bar/tear shape idea they worked up! Hopefully they'll give this a try, one day!) As well as some sketches of their aroma bead ceramic burner they released with the 2007 holiday line!

I think these are great to look at! I know they have an entire wall in the method offices full of tons of sketches of current (and future!) products; and they can't (currently) give tours of their offices (because they don't want to give any of their secrets away!) So I feel this is a cool sneak peek into some of their inner workings (and I especially love it, being an artist myself!) Be sure to read the entire article, pick the magazine up today!

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