Friday, November 21, 2008

method home

Speaking of deals (see below) I bet many of us forget a favorite spot, method's own online store at method home! (Let's forget the ouch inducing shipping fees for the time being...)

There are lots of discontinued finds still floating about on their site, ready to be snapped up! Are you longing for any of these items, once so readily willing to leap into your arms for a night out on the town; now no longer to be seen, having moved on to someone else? Oh whoa, sorry, I mean, are you missing any of these products? Well, they've been found! How's this for a sampling?

Ginger yuzu and eucalyptus + mint gel and foaming hand wash, fig pill refills, fresh lychee, beach sage, and eucalyptus + mint aroma ring refills; beach sage pill refills and candles, cut grass aroma sticks, the entire bloq body line (wha?!), iconic dish soap bottle in french lavender, green tea + aloe and sweet water hand sanitizer, wet dry sheets in nectarine blossom, lavender + juniper, and water lily + aloe; and that's just what I've found!

So head on over and pick up some lost lusts! (Now who wants to do some donatin' to ole' method lust, so I can pick up some fig pill refills! Ohhh, man! I know, I'm shameless (ahem, donate button located on right side bar.)


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colleen said...

also [shameless plug], if you spend $50 online we'll split the shipping cost with you, which will ease the pain. and who couldn't find $50 of stuff they love on the site? :) [end shameless plug]

(from method)

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