Tuesday, November 11, 2008

the bigger, the better

method luster Quill writes in asking (hey, I sound just like a radio announcer!):

"Last week I accompanied my parents to Costco, partly in search of Method goodies. Unfortunately, all I found was two scents of hand wash, neither of which I favor (I'm very picky) but I have never seen this size of container before! I was boggled, the things are huge. I took two (bad) photos just to send to you--have you seen these anywhere? They're teardrops, but ginormous, with carrying handles on top. One photo has my hand as a size comparison, and I don't have small hands."


You know, I love these bottles! They're like the Sasquatch of method products! Whenever you see a photo of them, it's always some bad, blurry, dark image. Luckily for us, as I'd posted here on method lust back in July, Marvo over on The Impulsive Buy did a complete review of those gigantic-sized bottles, complete with a clear photo, and uhm, a very unsettling video. So if you haven't seen these bottles, and want to know more about them, check this out!


steve parker said...

I'm a bit confused. Supposedly, Costco sells method, but the only thing I've ever found is these large bottles of hand soap. My local Costco only got these in a few months ago. Where is all the method that they carry?

Nathan Aaron said...

The only thing I know of is they carry the gigantic method refills bottles, and during past holidays have had special hand wash two-packs (pumpkin spice and vanilla apple.) That may be all they carry/have carried... I'm way too poor for a Costco membership, so I've never actually made it inside.

robertcraig said...

Not that I am a size queen or anything, but these big bottles are rather sexy and seductive. I mean, I LOVE the small bottles, but sometimes bigger is really better. Too bad they wouldn't fit...on my bathroom counter.

Nathan, you can get a one day pass at Costco. I forget how it works.

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