Friday, November 21, 2008

method lust wants you! (really! truly! yes!)

Love method lust? Wanna be a part of the fun? Here's a few of the many ways you can! (Now, see how easy that was! All you had to do was ask! And you were getting all sweaty palms and lightheaded! Why, the very idea...)

+ Be an Advocate Spotlight! Tell everyone why you lust method products! You'll be in the spotlight for an entire week! And it's so easy to do! Instructions here! (And don't be shy, go for it!)

+ Have a review you'd love to share for a great (or hey, not so great; it IS a review after all!) method product? Or wanna write a method retrospect on a past method product you just XOXOXO'ed to death? Send it in!

+ Why not write for method lust? Wanna tell everyone about your thoughts on environmental issues, method as a company, your plastic bag/paper towel success stories, or just a drooling lust for all things method? Send it in!

+ Have you seen a great article online, or in print about method, and (Heaven forbid!) it hasn't made it to method lust yet? (I do miss'em every once in a while! Whew... but I try!) Let me know, and I'll post it up!

+ Have a suggestion(s) about something you'd lust seeing here on method lust? Or something you think could work better? Have a poll idea for the next set of poll questions coming up? YOU guessed it, Send it in!

I really appreciate all your help, and the hugs and kisses you give ole' method lust!

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