Monday, November 24, 2008

it's raining peppermint vanilla!

Huh! Looks like our dear friend and luster Rebecca has found some peppermint vanilla hand wash at her local Food Lion! Sounds like the "holidays past" lineup is making it's way to that grocery store chain, as well! She says:

"Do you see what I scored?!? Huh huh do ya do ya?

Method Peppermint Vanilla handwash! At Food Lion. ...and like a dumbass I didn't buy 'em out. I'm so going back tomorrow.

Yeah-I *think* I might kinda sorta have a little problem. In my defense, I USE all of these products. Seriously-I use them all. Yes there are 4 Method LeScrubs. Best stuff ever! If I could only buy one method product-LeScrub. No joke.

True confession time-I only buy all purpose and glass cleaner when they are on a killer sale...$2 and below. For all purpose cleaning -I'm a Dr Bronner's girlie. We can go through a bottle of all purpose cleaner in a day. $2 or 2 cents? Yeah-that's what I said too. Still-on sale method is on sale method and girlie will buy it.

Speaking of sales-I scored the lavender all purpose cleaner today for under $2. Last lonely little bottle in the store. It makes me sad that some of the 'non-Target' stores listed as retailers don't really carry method...or will carry ONE product. Sad.

I only whine because I have to drive across town to get my LeScrub...and then I see things like method air freshener and glass cleaner on sale and all kinds of other stuff I don't need. Sigh-that's Target for you. ;)"


Head on over to her blog, A Different View, to see more pics (and learn all about her green house cleaning service!)


Michelle L. H. Chissler said...

Hip hop hooray for Rebecca!

Anonymous said...


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