Tuesday, November 4, 2008

vintage holiday

Holiday is here! (Wha, huh? Something called Thanksgiving? Oh yeah, that. Anyway!) Holiday is here!

So I'm planning on taking a look at method during hoidays past. I thought you might all enjoy this quick pic of method holiday hand wash, vintage style! I'm going to go out on a limb here and say this is probably method's first holiday foray, featuring hollyberry, mistletoe, and snowy days hand wash! (And check out the cute snowflake on the bottles!)

Did any readers out there get to try these products? Of course we've gotten our share of hollyberry (yay!), I have (yes, have!) some snowy day hand lotion, and a candle; but I've never seen mistletoe! Oh, and check this out! Over on giantsavings.com, they list method hand wash, and HAVE mistletoe in the drop down list! Do you think it's still actually available from them? I have my doubts. I've heard bad stories about giantsavings.com (they charge you, then say they're out of stock at the moment. And it takes them forever to get it to you.) Do you think this would happen with the hand wash? Has anyone tried giantsavings.com. I'm SO curious! If a box arrived at my doorstep with mistletoe hand wash in it, I think I'd faint! FAINT I tell you! ahhh!


Rebecca said...

Now see, my worry would be that they don't smell as good any more. I have had too many bath and body things that I've stocked up on, only to find the scent has turned after a couple of years. That's why I'm always wary of buying long-discontinued stuff. :(

Nathan Aaron said...

Actually, I have some ancient stuff that still smells great! method french lavender hand lotion (actually, I think it gets STRONGER every year. LOL), snowy days lotion, hollyberry hand wash from the FIRST run, lavender + thyme body wash, etc. And these are definitely a few years old!

Maybe method just does it better! :-)

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