Monday, November 17, 2008

method holiday fragrances

method's very own official people against dirty blog has a great post on their new holiday line, and a Q&A session with method fragrance expert, Suzanne McCormick!

"by julie kim, November 13, 2008

You may have noticed that we have a few new kids on the block when it comes to our new holiday fragrances. We sat down with Suzanne, our in-house "Scents & Scentsibility" expert (yes, that is her official title), to get a closer look at how the new fragrances came to be.

What was the inspiration behind the new fragrances this season?
Nostalgia - we wanted these fragrances to evoke happy memories of holidays gone by... and hopefully create new ones for our little consumers.

What were the big challenges in creating these new holiday fragrances?
Since it is all about tradition... there are particular fragrance notes that are meaningful for this season. We wanted each to be a winner in its olfactive family and, as always, we aim for a well balanced portfolio.

How were the final fragrances picked?
We worked with an internal panel made up of a cross-section of method employees (product development, creative, and brand experts). We go through multiple rounds of submissions starting with a broad range of fragrances and then narrow them down to the final ideas. We are always modifying the fragrances right up until the last minute to get them just right.

C'mon, tell us - what fragrances didn't make the cut?
I never kiss and tell... unless I am under the mistletoe

What's your personal favorite?
All our fragrances are like my little babies... you love each one for different reasons. I hope that there is something for everybody as people take the time to prepare their home to welcome family and friends during this special time of year.

Okay, so even though Suzanne wouldn't tell, we'd love to hear what your favorite holiday scent is. And if you want to take a look at all our new holiday fragrances, you can check it out here."


Uhm, yeah, so I would LUST her job like crazy! I'm so serious. I know there is much more to it than sniffing things all day long (or is there?) but really, REALLY, I have such an addiction to scents, I think this kind of career would be freakin' amazing... ah! Oh well, I'll keep dreaming of my life as a bloodhound, and we'll all keep buying method holiday products! (Yeah, cause they like, rock! Ohh, frosted fir and spiced pear. Ohh... Sorry, I need a little alone time with my two favorite holiday scents, ok?)

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Anonymous said...

The winter berry is def my fave :-)

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