Tuesday, November 18, 2008

the great sarah

Yes, the rumors are true. And I'm not sure how I'll survive...

method home's updated their "feeling" statement at the top left side of their site. It now says:

"method is sad."

And with good reason! The Great Sarah... has left the building. method has a wonderful post over on their people against dirty blog.

"farewell to our #1 call girl"
It is with sadness that we bid our #1 people against dirty, Sarah Homeijer a fond farewell. Anyone who calls him or herself an advocate; anyone who’s written us a letter or called in to method; and anyone who’s attended our in-home parties has likely come across Sarah. And for those who have not, she’s undoubtedly come across you.

Sarah has been the friendly and impassioned voice of method’s people against dirty since she started 5 years ago when method was a wee little company with grand endeavors. She handpicked our dedicated consumer response team, founded our very successful advocacy program and is the reason we value advocate-love above all else. It is to her that we owe a lot of who we are and who we’ve become.

If method were a family, then Sarah would be that wild and crazy aunt – you know, that one that bought you alcohol and snuck you into bars when you were seventeen. That one.

Her easygoing and fun disposition; her scrappy and tireless work ethic; and her tireless dedication to keeping us on our green toes have become a glowing example of the spirit and passion of what method’s all about - she not only personifies our culture, she’s also one of its early inspirations too.

Sarah will move back to New York City with her husband, Matthew and son, Silas to be closer to family.

Au revoir, adieu and aloha, Sarah. We’ll miss ya."


Ok, no, seriously, everyone at method is amazing! The whole advocacy team in particular is just wow! Wow! But Sarah will always hold a special "method" place in my heart. She was the first person at method I began to torture, over and over, asking what was coming next? Who knew this? How did that smell? And how dare they get rid of (insert fragrance here)! Never letting me down once. And she was a BIG inspiration for what you're reading now, method lust! So when I found out a month ago that she was leaving method in November, well, words can't even describe my thoughts. But, The Great Sarah's gotta do what the Great Sarah's gotta do, ya know? (And hopefully she'll continue lurking around these here method lust parts every now and then. And we'll wave to her, when we see her! Or give her a high-five, or one of those knuckle knock thingies, or some such...)

I'm not good at words, really, but Sarah, well, (I've told you a zillion times) YOU ROCK! Thanks for everything you've done for me, and method lust!

Now everyone, leave her a heartfelt comment! I know she'd lust that like crazy!


Netta said...

I am very sad to hear that "The Great Sarah" is leaving Method. I have written into the company a few times and she has always gotten back to me in a quick manner and offered me the best customer service ever. I wish you a lot of luck Sarah. Maybe I'll run into you in New York.

robertcraig said...

Sarah, thank you for all the in-kind donations, product information, launch dates, coupons and endless gossip about scents, designers and holiday lines. You will be missed.

Thanks again!

Sarah D. said...

awh, i was doing so well! no excessive sobbing, no second guessing my decision... now, i might just stay at method forever! no, i'm sure they'd get WAY sick of me. you guys are the best - thank you. you'll definitely still see me around these parts - methodlust is where i get all of my method news! no seriously, if there is ever a time when we, in the office, have a question about where we can find a certain method product or what people are saying about it, where do we come? HERE. no kidding. big, BIG squeeze to all of you guys. i promise not to be a stranger. and when you are in nyc, holla at a girl! p.s. i love you, nathan, and am writing my email response to you right now - it's comin'! xo. sarah

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