Monday, November 10, 2008

holiday shout-outs

Some great comments (and compliments) on method's new holiday line, from around the internet-o-sphere!

Kelly over on Green Daily says:

"I'm a big fan of Method products. They list their product ingredients on their website and they smell fantastic. I'm completely aware that I am also a sucker for their packaging and their marketing. Finally, they're convenient as long as there is a Target or Whole Foods nearby. Just when I was getting bored with their current "flavors," Method has released fresh new scents for the holidays.

For a little hint of winter, try their 100% vegetable wax candle in a recyclable glass votive. This year's scents include toasted hazelnut, winter berry, spiced pear and frosted fir. [Scratch and sniff computer monitors would come in handy right about now.]

Three other great products for a delicious smelling home include Method's aroma sticks to diffuse scent into the room, a decorative potpourri ornament, and their "outlet free" bamboo aroma ring.

My favorite Method products are their hand soaps. Method has extended their seasonal scents to their non-toxic, triclosan-free hand wash. I keep one bottle by every sink in the house. It is the ANTI anti-bacterial answer.

If you can't decide on which products to buy, Method has made it easy for you by combining all of their offerings in one kit with a reusable shopping bag for only $32. There is no excuse to not get into the holiday spirit with these earth friendly products."


While a poster over on a Disneyland forum (of all things!) says:

"The new Method soy candle called Frosted Fir smells exactly like flying over the snowy mountains in Soarin' Over California!! I even held it up to dd's nose and said, "Quick, where have you smelled this before?" She answered correctly!"


Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what the packaging on this looks like? I've been searching like crazy for it, but no luck.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't be surprised if you found that comment over on the MiceAge MiceChat forums.

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