Tuesday, November 4, 2008

holiday confusion

Oh well, poo. I was so dreaming of sugar plum fairies, gingerbread lattes, and the wonderful whiff of frosted fir aroma pill plug-ins throughout my home! After all, you can light a candle, but it takes a while to get the scent throughout the air; whereas those aroma pills are just working away, all day long (not unlike santa's elves!)

But there appears to have been some confusion. A while back I asked methodtweet (method's very own twitter!) if we were receiving holiday aroma pill refills, and received a response telling me that aroma pill refills for the holiday scents will be available in stores, though not on method's own site. Peppermint vanilla will be selectively included, as well! Yay!

Well, I just received word yesterday letting me know:

"There are no pill refills hitting Target. The Target set is completely new this year. Last year's scents will return to non-Target stores."

So, sniff sniff, no frosted fir, toasted hazelnut, winter berry, or spiced pear pills this year. (Really, method, you've GOT to have pill refills or aroma spray! I demand it! Next year, ok? Promise me, next year!) I'm not sure what "non-Target" stores they mean, but if anyone sees anything pop up, let me know! When I receive more information, I'll let YOU know!


robertcraig said...

I was really craving frosted fir pill refills. I was being patient. But I guess it will be a pill-free Christmas and winter.

We have 2 sizes of candles, one which burns poorly and this ornament thing which DOES NOT SMELL and no sprays. Hmmmmmm...

Don't worry, I won't say it this time.

Karin said...

There is a gingerbread spray...doesn't that count for something?

Nathan Aaron said...

No! It's fall edition, not holiday. ;-) LOL

Karin said...

who makes gingerbread houses for fall?! i don't care what method says...gingerbread is a Christmas scent ("holiday" to be pc...whatever!)! honestly, who calls gingerbread a fall scent or flavor...it's notoriously Christmas!

stephanie j. said...

So no pill refills in this year's scents? What about ring refills? PLEASE OH PLEASE I NEED SOMETHING TO MAKE MY HOUSE SMELL CHRISTMASSY!

Anonymous said...

Darn it. I already bought 4 dish soaps each of Spiced Pear and Winterberry, plus handsoaps, but was really looking forward to the aroma pills. Picked up the spiced pear aroma ring today. After 6 hours, I still can't smell anything.

I've been writing Method for over a year now, begging them to get their pill refill act together. They always send a sweet, personal response that tells me absolutely nothing. Last summer I paid a fortune to get my hands on 10 Beach Sage refills (their best summer scent ever, IMO) through a vendor because Target never got supplies. Now that scent has been discontinued.

What the hell is going on at Method? They have a great philosophy, fun products and a cutting-edge brand. But lately it seems that all their energy is spent developing new product lines that never see store shelves, or if they do, they're discontinued within months. (I haven't found their laundry fabric softener since May.) They have my utter respect but are about to lose my loyalty.

Man. I feel so much better getting that off my chest.

Anonymous said...

'Non-Target stores'

I just scored peppermint vanilla handwash at...FOOD LION.

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