Wednesday, November 5, 2008

jingle jangle

As I'm sitting here burning my frosted fir candle (yes, yes! I'm early! You know, I try really hard to draw that whole fall first, then holiday/Christmas line. And I've decided my scents (because it's really important to make decisions like this, you know! The world depends on it!) that this year spiced pear and cinnamon bark are my fall/Thanksgiving scents, with frosted fir and hollyberry rounding out the holidays!) BUT I decided last night I wanted to really give my frosted fir candle a good try, so here I am, burning away!

Which got me to thinking, I know, it's a month away, but we're insane! We're crazed! We're obsessed! So I know a lot of us method lusters have already picked up their holiday line (or at least some of it!) And I'm wanting to know, what are your thoughts so far?

What scents did you pick up? What products did you pick up? What do you think of them (scents and products? Smell great? Work well?) Missing anything from the holiday line that method has produced in the past? Think the line-up this year is simply perfect? Let us know! Comment away!


PS - I guess frosted fir is doing it's thing! I had it burning at work as well (I know, I'm crazy!) and my boss walked through going "Hmm? What's that smell? It smells like a Christmas tree!" and I told him it was my (method!) candle. I can't decide if it's too hollyberry, or has enough tree scent; but apparently he's proven it definitely smells like Christmas tree!


Nathan Aaron said...

PS - Robert, (I hate to even bring this back up) but my frosted fir candle is burning HORRIBLY! Like, WAY worse than the previous pomegranate tea candles I had. I'll have to take a couple pics and post them (poor Ryan Williams!) but I seriously hope they fix this problem, because really, this frosted fir candle is burnin' CRAZY bad.

Karin said...

I bought the winterberry aroma ring and the gingerbread + spice air spray...but unlike Nathan, I am actually waiting til after Thanksgiving to use them. I refuse to give into Christmas starting in really ruins the specialness of the season for me.

So right now it is Pom tea aroma pills and air spray in my apartment. That is my fall scent (with a little mixture of cinnamon from my cinnamon broom...which really mixes well with the pom tea scent!).

stephanie j. said...

I got the frosted fir hand soap and spiced pear counter spray and dish soap. I am a bit disappointed by the spiced pear. It is really, really sweet, and even leaves a sweet smell on my dishes unless I rinse, rinse, rinse. Did they make the dishsoap in frosted fir? I love the frosted fir!

BTW, my Target STILL does not have the new laundry line, and hardly any aroma items. I hope they aren't phasing out... the aroma stuff used to be front and center in the "aroma" it split between the bottom shelf and a top shelf adjacent -- confusing. All of the cheapo knockoff room scent stuff is above it. I'm not making claims about myself, but the Target is in a pretty affluent area, and I would think Method would do very well...I'm not sure why it isn't. Random items are always on "red sticker" sale, which I think might be store-discretionary. AND I'm always talking Method up -- I'm a great advocate!

Nathan Aaron said...

Unfortunately, no frosted fir dish soap (I so wish!) Only winterberry.

The spiced pear leaves a sweet smell on your dishes? Really? Maybe try using less, I've never really had that problem, and I've used it for the past month (as well as prior years.)

robertcraig said...

HA HA Karin! You wouldn't last a minute in our house. We have been using holiday scents for weeks. Last weekend I even put out some of the more "neutral" Christmas decorations. I have a huge bowl full of Christmas balls in the hallway and our gold tinsel tree in the basement goes up this weekend. Egg nog is in the fridge and George Winston's "December" is already in heavy rotation, although we wont listen to vocal holiday stuff until just before Thanksgiving.

This weekend I will also pull out all of last year's hollyberry candles, soap and aroma rings!


Karin said...

OH MY! (in response to robertcraig). I don't know where you live, but here in Northern Virginia it is still reaching close to 70 degrees a couple days a week...and we usually have cold Christmases...I just can't do the decorations and scents in this type of weather. Plus, Thanksgiving is my favorite I definitely have to pay homage to that holiday before I can move on to the next. Ah well, to each his own! I hope you're enjoying the holiday season...your two month holiday season! :)

robertcraig said...

Nathan! Don't get me started on the candles. I am pretty bummed that they suck. I freakin LOVE Frosted Fir and was looking forward to gving away a candle and handsoap for the holidays to neighbors and coworkers. Last year I did hollyberry and everyone loved it.

This is the most gorgeous and perfect burning candle: (It is the Winter Candle)

Also, this weekend only, Crabtree is having a storewide 20% off sale. Treat yourself to a Noel pillar. It burns 60 hours and will cost you less than 10 bucks with the discount. Plus it will send you deep into the holidays and make you crave a Christmas tree...

Nathan Aaron said...

Wow, well of course it's beautiful! It's Heath Ceramics! (But it's lavender, for winter? Am I confused?) Hmm, do I even have a Crabtree near me (without driving 2 hours?) let me think on that one... (must move closer to a city. LOL)

Anonymous said...

well, for that Heathceramics candle... uhh.. $35 for an 8 oz. candle!?? no way!

But as for method holiday scents? I'm in love with the Frosted Fir.. It's the most like last years Hollyberry which i LOVED. I don't care at all for the pear, hazelnut, or winterberry. When they first came out, I bought one of each thing in the winterberry and have since returned them and exchanged them for frosted fir soap and candles! So out of the 4, I only like the Frosted Fir :( I did however discover a goldmine at and bought an ungodly amount of last years Hollyberry stuff!! 3 candles a couple of handsoaps, counterspray, aroma rings... you name it!
I haven't used much of my holiday scents yet.. too early. And it's 75 degrees here in Cincinnati! i usually wait until the week of thanksgiving to get out the holiday scents and christmas stuff. Right now I'm burning my pumpkin candles and fall scents from White Barn and Bath and Body Works.

And P.S.- Not to be a method traitor or anything... but with the lack of good holiday scents (in my opinion) I've had to look elsewhere for my fix. Bath and Body works has some great holiday scents with their "Tree" and "Winter" candles... deeelish. Peppermint and candy apple handsoaps are must haves! and only $3 on sale!

Anonymous said...

I had a method *incident*.
Picked up some spiced pear spray and dishwashing liquid, gingerbread spice spray, pomegranate tea spray, 4 method le-scrubs and 2 good for wood.

In my defense-most of this was 'work related' purchases.

My Target sucks in terms of selection. One sad little end cap of holidays and most of it looked picked through.

Nathan Aaron said...

Rebecca, FOUR le scrubs?!? Man, well, if you say it's for work. LOL Whatever makes you feel better.

Oh no, wait, it IS for work! I was reading your site the other day, I didn't realize you were a green cleaner! So cool!

Mmm, I wish my house were cleaned with method. No, wait, I mean, BY someone else, with method. As it is cleaned with method, but, sigh, by me. LOL (BUT method does make it more fun to clean, I gotta say! It is true!)

Anonymous said...

Did you completely discontinue making Frosted Fir Liquid hand soap? It was the BEST. Please brig it back.

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